My Experience With The UTLA Strike

Okay. So I’m pretty sure you all know how hectic it’s been this past week and a half. The UTLA strike started on January 14, 2019, and ended on January 22, 2019. Over the course of the strike, I went to school on January 14 and January 16. School was very, very bad during the strike. We were forced to sit 2 hours straight, 3 times in the day, doing either History/”P.E.”, English, and Math/Science. Sounds normal, right? But the only thing they provided as “work” was worksheets. Also, each grade level was bunched up with all the students in their respective grades. So all 6th graders that went to school were in the same class as all 6th graders that attended school. This means there was a mix of students who knew more than others when it came to their academics. And as an honors student, we were provided work that’s aimed for students that are in regular classes. And to me, the work was a complete waste of my time. Obviously, the administrators could not have known what each student was learning at the time, so they could only provide work that’s aimed at the lowest of the low in academics. To add more insult to the injury, we didn’t have desks to work on. If you were lucky, you could have been in the library, but that’s about it. I returned on Wednesday thinking that I could survive school if I had more friends attending, but that still didn’t make up for how horrible it was at school. Thus I stayed home for the rest of the strike.

That’s not the end of this article though. As my mom is very supportive and wants me to succeed in school, so she tells me to “do some math or write your article for when you get back to school.” I was thinking that since we were on strike, I didn’t have to worry about any school work, so I brushed off the words my mom told me. And for the next few days, even though this isn’t true, it felt as if she kept nagging me to write an article. As I wanted this “nagging” to go away, I told her that I would so she could leave me alone. I didn’t know what to write about though. It wasn’t until I thought, “Hey. You know what? I’ll just write an article about my mom nagging me to write an article.” And this article was originally going to be it, but I couldn’t figure out a way to put that into at least 500 words. As for the math part, I did Khan Academy a few times.

And for the rest of the strike, just like any normal day away from school, I played video games and watched YouTube the whole time. In the last article I wrote, I talked about my favorite Nintendo series, and one of them was called “Fire Emblem.” And in that article, I explained how I have only played one game from that series, and it’s called “Fire Emblem Fates.” The cool thing about FE Fates (Fire Emblem is usually shortened to FE) is that there are three “routes” you can play. There’s the Birthrights route, Conquest route, and Revelation route. Over the strike, I finished playing through the Conquest route, and I started the Birthrights route. And on YouTube, I decided since I don’t see myself buying the Fire Emblem game that came out before FE Fates, I’d watch a “Let’s Play” of it. And that was my experience with UTLA strike.