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1.) Manifest

On September 24, 2018, NBC released the first episode of their new show Manifest. I recently started watching this and I really enjoyed it because it was very interesting to watch.

In this show, the main characters, Ben (Josh Dallas), his sister Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), his daughter Olive (Luna Blaise), his son Cal (Jack Messina), his wife Grace (Athena Karkanis), and his parents are just coming back from their vacation in Jamaica. But since their flight was overbooked, some of the passengers had to move to another flight, so Ben, Michaela, and Cal volunteered to go on that flight. Once Montego Air Flight 828 (the flight Ben, Micahela, and Cal were in) was safely in the air, heading back to New York, they experience some slight turbulence due to a storm that was not showed on the pilot’s radar. Ben, Michaela, Cal, and the other passengers thought nothing of it, until they landed in the airport and were instructed to be let off right in the middle of the termac. Police cars, ambulances, and news cars start filing into the airport, waiting for all the passengers to get off. Confused, they ask why all these people are here. One person tells them that they left Jamaica in 2013, but now, it’s 2018. He explained to them that they were missing for 5 and a half years. Now, they have to face the fact that their family and friends had moved on when they were presumed dead during those five years.

I have not finished all the episodes that have been released, but since the beginning of the show, the plot got me obsessed with finishing it. I really recommend watching this show because it is really interesting and will make you want more. It also leaves you with many questions to ask, like “What happened to those passengers during those 5 years?” or “What caused this?”

2.) Siren

On March 29, 2018, Freeform released a show called Siren. It is about a “coastal town” called Bristol Cove that was once known for its legends about mermaids. One day, a mysterious woman (Eline Powell) arrives in Bristol Cove, looking for her missing sister (Sibongile Mlambo) who was captured by the local military. Ben and Maddie (Alex Roe and Fola Evans-Akingbola), marine biologists, work together to figure out who this mysterious woman is and why she is in Bristol Cove. Together, they go on adventures to find her sister.

I was super excited about watching this show when I first saw an advertisement of it on a bus on my way to school. It seemed really interesting and once I got home, I started watching it almost instantly. I fell in love with it right as I started watching it. Just like Manifest, it was very interesting to me and made me want more episodes to watch. Which actually made me really upset when they ended season 1, but I’m super excited that a new episode came out today, but also upset that I need to wait until tomorrow to watch it because I have a test to study for.


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