Reno, Nevada and Mammoth Pt. 3

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After we set up everything in the condo we watched a movie. When we were done watching a movie we forgot a couple of things, so me and my dad (Rick) went to the grocery store. We got a couple of vegetables and some breakfast stuff. We went to bed and woke up in the morning. We decided to make a good breakfast on the first day. So we made eggs, bacon, toast, and bagels. It was a great breakfast so we could have a great day on the mountain. Then, we packed everything up to go to the mountain. I had my old brothers snowboard, so I didn’t need a snowboard. Our condo was only about one fourth of a mile away from the mountain. So, we waited for the bus at the bus stop. Once we got to the mountain we went to the rental area.

I needed boots and my sister needed boots and a board. When we were done with that we went to one of the lodges. There are about eight lodges around the mountain. We were in Eagle Lodge, which was the last one on the mountain. We met up in Eagle Lodge. It took about five minutes for everybody to get there. We went outside and put our skis on. We went around the line to get at the end. we waited and got on the chairlift. I like the chairlift because you are high in the air and your moving. When you get to the end of the chairlift there is a ramp to jump out. Then you go left or right to any lift you want. When we go to the top I waited for my dad to put his snowboard on. We did a practice run, for the first minute I had a hard time turning then I got it. We did that run a couple of more times. We came home and watched a movie. I played Fortnite and then went to bed. The next day we went strait to the chair lift.

I went on the same one one more time. Then my cousins went with us on a harder run six times. Then I went on a double black diamond. It was so windy at the top that I could barely move. Someone had to push me to get down the lift. The lift went strait up towards the middle. When the chairlift was over there was a tub because it was so windy. When we got home went to the bowling alley. My cousins and I left because it was so boring. When we got there They watched a scary movie and I didn’t watch any of it. When Our trip was over I was sad. We had a five hour drive. When I got out of the car my legs felt so weird. We unpacked the car then I played video games. I love to go on trips like that because they are very fun.

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