Disneyland in the making

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To start off with, I researched some questions I am going to answer later in the article. Like, how did Wald Disney come up with his idea for Disneyland? Why did he decide to build one of his parks in Anaheim CA? Lastly, I will share some facts you probably didn’t know about Disneyland.

Most people know Walt Disney created Disneyland. It was opened on July 17, 1955. ( 63 years ago! )There were two reasons why he built one of his parks in Anaheim. Walt had big ideas. To make his big ideas came true, he wanted to build his park near a major freeway, by an airport and he also needed lots of land. He knew his creation was going to be huge.

Walt kept getting letters asking where Micky Mouse lived. He wanted a place where parents and children could have fun. He didn’t want a place where parents would just watch their kids. ( that would be very boring )  He wanted a place where parents and kids could, have fun together.

How did Walt Disney come up with his idea for Disneyland?

Well, before he came up with Disneyland he filmed a lot of movies like Snow White, Cinderella and Pinocchio then he came up with amazing characters like, Mickey Mouse and the beauty and beast from the movie. After that he decided to make his characters come to life. When Walt started to make Disneyland he couldn’t stop adding onto it. I think making Disneyland was a great idea and a big success. I also know when that Disneyland is not the original name, the original name is Walt Disney World.

Here are some interesting facts you may or may not know about Walt Disney and Disneyland.

There are under ground tunnels stretching from every little corner of the park.  The tunnels are used for crew members, employees and clean up members. I almost want to get a job as Cinderella, so I can check these tunnels out. My dad says I kind of look like her.

One day a lady was spotted dumping something into the water of Pirates of the Caribbean. Little did we know, they were the ashes of a loved one. Can you imagine walking on thousands of peoples ashes? I can’t.

The Matterhorn ride is known to have a basketball court in there attic to make the ride look bigger. But that’s not true, the attic is really just a place for workers to relax or rest during their break.

Tom Sayers island lets kids walk through it every now and then when it is not closed. But back then the island was made to keep hippies hostage in the 1970’s

Mickey Mouses first name was Mortimer Mouse, but Walt’s wife thought that name was pompous so he changed it to Mickey Mouse as we know today.

Walt Disney decided to invite a Nazi propagandist to his park and give him/her a tour.

The last fact is, you can eat the plants in Tomorrow land. But you’re not allowed to, I wouldn’t anyway because you would think they are really dirty not to mention all the ashes of human remains on the plants.



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