Reno, Nevada and Mammoth Pt. 2

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After we played bocce ball I went upstairs with my cousin. We played Fortnite, all the families came up to see the room for about an hour. We played Fortnite for a little longer and then went to bed. The next morning we got all geared up to go up to the mountain. Right when we started going up the hill, at the perfect timing we saw their car. They followed right behind us to the top of the mountain. We had to go up three rows of the parking lot, so we had to walk down all the way we came up in ski boots. When we are getting our passes our cousins went to go and get their first run of the day. When we got our passes we waited at the bottom of the hill. They said it was warm enough so we went up to take a run. That was my first run so it was a little hard to turn, but I got it down in the next minute.  We went down the same one one or two more times, then we went down one of the steeper ones. The steep one was easy for me. We also went down that one a couple more times. While we were going down that run there were jumps in the middle, so I would do those on the way down.

When we were half way done with our day we went to the lodge to get some chill fries. We ate those and we were all full. When I went to do another run I fell a couple of times because I was so full. When we were done we walked all the way up to the car to pack all of our stuff up. Then we drove all the way back down the mountain. Then, we went to the cousins house we got to see there dog Slide. It wasn’t snowing at there hose so we couldn’t play in the snow. I slept over at my cousins house and played Fortnite. We did the same thing the next day then went to bed and woke up. We packed our bags and went on a drive all the way to Mammoth.The drive was about three hours, plus we stopped to eat. So that added about 30 minutes. I was so sad because the cousins came a day after us and I wanted to stay with them.

The cousins said they would be at the condo at any minute, so I wanted by the window and when the came I was so exited. Our condo had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, and a living room. The master bedroom had a bathroom too. There was snow outside the condo but we never played in the snow because they never wanted to. It was warmer up on this mountain than it was in Reno which was weird. The same time I was staying up there my friend from up the street was up in Mammoth too. We got to see him one night but not for long.

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