World Record Egg

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Up until midday, January 13th, 2019, Kylie Jenner held the world record for owning the most liked Instagram post. All of Kylie Jenner’s posts get a bunch of likes, but this post had eighteen million likes. History was made when a picture of an egg stole the spot for the most liked post on Instagram. As I’m writing this, the egg has somewhere around twenty-one million likes! That beats Kylie Jenner by three million likes!

Many people have created Instagram accounts dedicated to getting likes on a random object, or posting the same image every day. Those accounts, sadly, barely ever reach their goals. They all give up at some point or another. However, there is at least one account who completed a goal that seemed impossible. This account beat the world record for the most liked post on Instagram.

This account, with the most liked Instagram post is @world_record_egg. Obviously, as seen in their username, the post is just a picture of an egg. As far as I’ve heard, nobody knows anything about the person who posted it other than their username. A picture of an egg is this person’s only post. What makes this even more incredible, is that the egg was just posted on January 4th, 2019. That means it gained eighteen million likes in just nine days! That’s an average of two million likes a day, 83,333 likes an hour, 1,388 likes a minute, or an amazing 23 likes a second! If it were to continue at this amazingly fast rate, it would have sixty million likes in one month, and seven hundred and thirty million likes in a year. It would reach one hundred million likes in just fifty days and one billion likes in five hundred days!

Since the post gained it likes so quickly, many people were lead to believe that world_record_egg bought a lot of their likes. Of course, this would be obviously unfair to those who actually work to get Instagram likes. The egg could have also gained its likes from advertisement. Often, new accounts or even old ones, will comment on a more popular accounts’ post with an advertisement to gain likes or followers for their own account. This form of advertisement may work, but it could also annoy many people.

As the picture of the egg grew more and more popular, people started posting it on their story, or even making another post about it. As anyone would guess, this resulted in more people finding and liking the egg. Throughout the past day, I have seen many memes made about this famous egg and its seemingly impossible goal of reaching over eighteen million likes so that it could become the most liked post.

I am honestly not surprised that a picture of an egg is now the most liked post on Instagram. With all the memes that make less and less sense, (but still are funny) something like this was going to happen eventually. I hope that the egg will never lose it’s place as the number one most liked Instagram post.