The cesspool that is Reddit politics

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In our time, social media has taken a bigger in our conversations more than ever. With sites like Twitter or YouTube taken as a place to talk about politics or other things, Reddit is one of those sites. In Reddit, there are places in there called a subreddit. Now a subreddit is where you discuss or post about certain topics about anything. Like there’s a subreddit about posting pictures and one about memes so if there’s a idea you’re thinking of,  it’s probably a subreddit. So it’s no wonder that there are political ones. However, these political subreddits aren’t really based around discussions & more around echo chambers. They usually parade around about how they’re the good guys due to their ideals & anyone who disagrees is literally  evil. A subreddit that perfectly fits my description is called r/politics. The usual problem with these subreddit is that they’re echo chambers.

And any who who opposes their set of beliefs is either automatically have their post deleted, kicked off the subreddit, or down voted. (down votes are like the dislike & like buttons on you tube but a certain amount from either side can overwhelm the other) In general, other opinions are shut down in the majority of subreddits. Examples that fit these descriptions are r/the_Donald, r/latestagecapitalism, r/atheism, and etc.  These subreddits often take a toll when they become echo chambers & is uninviting to people with different opinions, they usually degrade people who don’t have the same mindset. This is often called tribalism, where you never admit that your political group can maybe be wrong or it’s us vs them. And that you follow your party than your own idea. Another subreddit that I will quickly mention is r/politicalhumor, the biggest problem is that there’s nothing humorous about it. Some of it is just literal text with no punch line or even any random humor. It’s just snapshots of twitter posts.

So back to r/politics , the biggest problem with the subreddit was that it presents itself as neutral. But unlike the other subreddits I was previously talking about. The subreddit name is politics, which is pretty neutral compare to words like conservative or liberal. Even it’s rules implies that it’s neutral, such as stating “vote on quality & not opinion, Be civil,  Do not make threats or advocate violence”. However, the rules are ignored almost all the time and it’s proven that just by going the front page. You see heavily opinionated articles all the time & in the comments, “civil discussion” is always nowhere to be seen. All I see in the comments are just threats on the basis & mods are nowhere to be seen. I think r/politics is the worst representation of what a political subreddit can be, a huge echo chamber that wants to listen to itself & only itself. Giving the benefits of the doubt only when it’s benefiting itself. I think in general that Reddit is not a great place to get your news, due to how emotionally charged some of the comments are in some subreddits. If you want opinion pieces & only opinion pieces, Reddit is the place for you, But if you want some news & some opinion pieces, Reddit isn’t a great place for that.

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