What I Got For Christmas

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So one day I woke up in the morning and it was Christmas. It was snowing outside and it was really cold. I’m just kidding, but it would be really cool if I woke up in the morning and it was snowing on a Christmas day. I don’t understand how every Christmas movie it’s snowing and they open their presents in the morning. I open my presents at 12:00 at the night. It’s a tradition for me since I’m Mexican. Mostly all Hispanic people open their presents at 12:00, but some people don’t. Everyone in my family does that.

Anyways, I got quite a lot of stuff. First off, I got some shoes that my mom bought me. They’re some blue Nike running shoes. I kind of knew that she was gonna buy me them because when we went to my uncle’s house at San Luis Obispo for Thanksgiving. My mom bought some shoes, but I tried on the blue Nikes and I liked them. So I tried them on and they fit good.  The thing was that they were $90. I kind of knew my mom wasn’t gonna buy me them but she did. I was pretty happy.

The only reason I was so happy was because I needed new shoes because all of mine are ripped or have holes in them. Or they are really dirty. I don’t really use them for school because I don’t wanna get them dirty, but I’m gonna start using them for PE and for school. On Friday we had to do track and field so we ran a 50 yard dash line I think, but I don’t really know. The thing is that I ran with converse and since they’re high top my feet started hurting. Or because I haven’t ran in a while.

I also got a Kappa sweater that’s like $100. My dad bought me it at Pacsun. Not the one at Topanga Mall but the one that’s like 4 hours away from here. It’s so cool, it’s black and white. But mostly black. I saw it when we went to my uncle’s house for Thanksgiving. I told my dad that I wanted it but he said “no, it’s way to expensive.” But he still bought it for me. I was kinda mad cause I actually thought he wasn’t gonna buy me it. But then on Christmas Day I opened his gift and I saw it. I was, like no way.

It was one of my best gifts because I really really wanted it. I asked him for it since thanksgiving. My dad always says no to stuff I want but then later on he gets me it. But like $100 for a jacket. That’s really expensive. I also got $150. I really like when people give me money because if they get me something that I don’t like then it’s just a waste. I bought a $25 gift card and some Champion Sandals. The sandals were $40 and the gift card was $25. So I had lost if money left.

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