What to order at Taco Bell

Ok so I was thinking about what I should write about and when I was eating my Taco Bell after school the idea came to me. So here it is what to order at Taco Bell. I feel like this is a good topic to write about because there are some nasty things at Taco Bell. I mean like most restaurants some meals taste better than others. So I’m basically just going to be talking about the meals that taste better than others.

The first thing that you should order at Taco Bell is the cheesy bean and rice burrito. Ok, so I’m going to be completely honest there is a weird sauce in this burrito that I kind of feel like ruins the taste. it might just be me but I don’t know. Anyways this burrito is really good besides the weird sauce stuff. Like the title, The burrito has cheese, beans, and rice. This burrito is also pretty cheap it’s on the dollar menu so if you’re not trying to spend about five dollars on a burrito but still don’t want a disgusting burrito, then this is the burrito for you.

Doritos Locos tacos

Now for the second thing that you should order when you go to taco bell is the Doritos Locos taco. This taco is amazing and is probably my favorite thing to order at Taco Bell the taco shell is a Dorito I’m not actually sure if you can pick what flavor taco shell you want but I always just get Nacho cheese inside the taco there is according to Taco Bell’s website there is seasoned beef, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, and cheese. This Taco also tastes delicious with their mild sauce. I feel like my favorite part of this taco though has to be that the shell is a Dorito.

Breakfast Crunchwrap

For the third thing that I think you should order at taco bell, I decided to throw in a breakfast item because personally, it is hard for me to find breakfast items at a fast food place that I will actually like. Usually, if I want fast food breakfast I will go to McDonalds and get the breakfast deluxe it comes with pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, and biscuit. The first time I ever tried the Crunchwrap was with my sister we were about to go shopping and we were super hungry because we had not eaten breakfast that morning. So we went to Taco Bell and picked out what we wanted to eat and of course, we both picked the crunch wrap. The crunch wrap is really good inside it has according to taco bells website, bacon, cheese, hashbrowns, eggs, and creamy jalapeno sauce. If you ever and I mean ever need something to eat for breakfast that’s good go to Taco Bell and order the breakfast crunch wrap. You will thank me later.

Cheesy Potato Griller

Last but most certainly not least the Cheesy potato Griller. I think that this was actually the first thing that I ever ordered at Taco Bell. This Cheesy potato griller is so good. According to Taco Bell’s website inside it has Nacho cheese sauce, potatoes and sour cream. I feel like this is one of the most basic taco bell orders but its so good. So next time you go to Taco Bell, make wise choices.