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What are bees? Bees are flying insects that feed of off flowers. Bees feed of off two different things, pollen and nectar. Proboscis is a long, tube-like body part from the bee that they use to consume nectar. Extra nectar from the flowers can be placed in the tongue of another bee, which allows to absorb water. It absorbs water by placing the nectar in the honeycombs hollows and fanned by house bees.

Bees are useful for a lot of things that most people don’t realize. For example, bees are very useful when it comes to flowers. Flowers and bees are each other’s helpers. They both benefit each other. Without each other trying to help one another, they might die quick. Bees are dependent from flowers because they provide pollen and nectar, bees use this food to feed their colonies. Bees help flowers to reproduce through a process called pollination. Pollination is the act of bees spreading pollen from flower to flower in order to allow fertilization. Bees love sunflowers, barberry, geranium, and cornflower. Roses are a favorite to all bees. However, bees don’t make honey only because they are hungry, they also make honey as a way to store food. They store honey for the winter, when they are unable to forage and there isn’t as much flowers to hunt for. Honey is a bog deal for bees because it’s full of nutrients. Also, honey is a great energy food for bees since it’s high in sugars. Honey bees and bees, both make their own honey in a slightly different way. Bees make their honey by flowers while honey from honey bees is harvested by humans. The honey is stored and capped nectar that has been transformed into honey.

Even though, bees are amazing, and helpful creatures. There is one thing that bees do that many people are terrified of. Bee stings are very common to be a fear or worry of a person. Bee stings are different depending on an insect bite, the venom and toxic can also be different. According to it says, “Therefore, the body’s reaction to a bee sting may differ significantly from one species to another. In particular, bee stings are acidic…” Meanwhile, for most people a bee sting can be painful, but harmless. Unless, you are allergic to bees. In that case, you have to be extremely careful around bees because any bee sting may trigger a reaction that is deadly to those that are allergic to bees. You should not mess around with bees because honey bee stings release pheromones that alert other bees to attack. Soon you’ll have a population of bees coming your direction, ready to attack.

You better think twice before you decide to kill a bee because believe it or not they can make a huge difference when it comes what humans consume. Bees help keep agriculture alive. They keep crops and plants alive. Without them we wouldn’t have a lot to eat. Now i know that bees are more useful than what i thought they were.

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