las vegas

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What I did on my 3 week vacation. On the first week I was supposed to go to new York to my aunt to visit alone at first. Both my parents said yes. My mom was chill about it and was fine with me going to new York. Then my dad thought about it more and said its dangerous because if I get hurt he won’t be there. If my aunt on the way picking me up from her house to the airport to pick me she would get a flat tier. None will be able to take care of me alone in the airport. After my dad told me that I was mad so I tried convincing him even more and nothing helped. I didn’t got new York, after we and my sibling got surprised to go to Las Vegas with our family friends. We went to Las Vegas at five in the morning so we would get early. On the way to Las Vegas the GPS said we would get there in four hours so we where surprised that there wasn’t a lot of traffic.

My whole family went to Las Vegas. It was me, my ten year old brother, 2 year-old little brother, and finally my seven year old sister. On the way my little brother started crying so it was loud in the car so we I gave him my phone and put him Wi-Fi and he started to calm down. After a little bit we stopped to eat at subway to eat a little bit. We finished eating. We finally got to Las Vegas, we got our rooms and put our luggage in the room. We went to check on our friends. So then we checked if they got their rooms so we went to meet them. We went to eat again at Panda Express, after we went to the mall and we saw this store that had all designer cloths. We went and met this famous person. I didn’t know who he was my brother told me. We got a picture and I put it on my Instagram and he liked my post. Basically we went to spend more time at the mall later on we went to eat all dinner at Cheese cake. We all enjoyed the food and everything else.

When we finished eating wall went to each of our rooms because it was getting late it was eleven a clock at night, we got some sleep. The next day we went to got to this magic show only me and my brother and dad the magician did some really amazing tricks that one person was in a box than he got in the box some how. He did some other really cool trick then it ended the show was around two hours. we came back with an uber to our hotel because they were different. That was or last night spending at Vegas and we had to go back home in the morning.

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