Does the News Lie to you

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Most people will watch the news when they want to know whats going on. I always have the news on when waking up and getting ready for school. But can you really trust the anchors on the news. Here’s my breakdown on the news and the lies and truths in the programming.

The news has been everyone’s source for daily updates on the area they live in. Most people trust what they say on the news and believe every word they say. This isn’t the case. Many stories have been fabricated to make it more interesting many times in the past. This is obvious but there are many other cases of the news lying to you. So yes they do lie to you but for some programs it isn’t as often.

As President Trump calls fake news, fabricated news stories exist and will continue to exist forever. Many of the national programs lie to make stories more interesting for the entire country. One of the most popular was when ABC News reported on a hostage situation in Woodruff, South Carolina where correspondent Linsey Davis said behind her in a field was a hostage situation. She had crime tape behind her which made it very believable. However a photo was leaked of a small piece of crime tape held by two tripods. Many people were furious and it made them look more into the situation of the news lying.

Many people looked in to the lies of the news and learned about crisis actors. Crisis actors are people who pretend to be victims in major events such as bombings, terrorist attacks, fires, and much more. These actors will appear with long hair an glasses on day and the other they have short hair and beard. This makes the impression that they are real victims. Many conspiracy theorists think they use the actors so the real victims don’t say something they don’t want them to say. For example like someone saying a part of the event that was very gruesome and scary so the news doesn’t want that known. This though is a theory and can’t be said as fact but is almost proven to be true.

Another thing that the news messes with is the location of the crime or event. Like the Woodruff, South Carolina incident these events change the location maybe because it is unsafe, is contaminated, or blocked off by the police. They do this to be safe and still make the story for the viewers of the news show.

This article doesn’t mean that the news in untrustworthy. It only means they lie about things to make it more interesting for the viewers and so they make more money. The world revolves around money and it is the reason many things happen the way they do. You shouldn’t hate on the news for the things listed here but you could hate on them for faking stories and lying about certain people doing certain things which can be very mean and can ruin a person’s life and/or career. So yes the news does lie but they do it to make it more interesting for us to watch.

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