My Favorite Nintendo Series

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Most people typically know me as that one dude that loves anime. And that is true, but anime isn’t my absolute favorite thing of all time. The thing I really love more than anime is video games! And not video games like Fortnite or any other games on Microsoft or Sony consoles. I love Nintendo games more than anything! Most people don’t know that about me because I don’t tell them. Letting people know that watching anime was bad enough, as I am always called a “weeaboo,” which is typically used to insult people that are obsessed with anime/Japanese culture. And I thought if people knew that I preferred Nintendo games over Sony or Microsoft games, I would end up being made fun of, just like with my hobby for watching anime. Since it’s my last year at Hale, and I’m going to a high school that’s not El Camino, I decided I’ll let loose and talk about whatever I feel like talking about. And, with being a Nintendo fan for years and years, I have developed interests in certain Nintendo series, and I will present them in this article!

The first Nintendo series I will be talking about is the Splatoon series. Fitting for the person who wrote “My Favorite Online Third-Person Shooter Game: F̶o̶r̶t̶n̶i̶t̶e̶ Splatoon 2.” The Splatoon series has two games so far, with the first game releasing back in May of 2015. Just like Fortnite, these games are a third-person shooter game. Although unlike most third-person shooter games, Splatoon has a different gimmick to it. You play as these humanoid squid-kids that shoot ink out of their weapons. I got really attracted to this series because of how unique and different it is from normal third-person shooter games. It’s very bright and vivid, never looking dull. It really stands out, and it’s a game that will have me playing it for a while because of its online play. There’s also a lot of customization options, making everyone very distinct from one another. And I can confidently say that I am great at the game! :p


Another series I love is the Kirby series. I think a good majority of people know who Kirby is. Even with such a simple design, people can recognize him (it…?), although he’s (it’s…?) not as well-known as Mario or Pikachu. The Kirby series has had 12 mainline games, with 12 spin-offs, making it have a total of 24 games. As for the gameplay for the mainline games, it’s a 2D Platformer with puzzles and bosses. Kirby has this special ability where he can suck up his enemies, and copy their abilities. Kirby games are typically good games for beginners because of how simple and easy it is, but also challenging so it can always bring back long-time fans. As for why I really love this series? It’s the lore. The Kirby series isn’t too heavy on its lore, but it is balanced. Whenever a new Kirby game is announced, I’m always excited to play it of course, but the second thing I’m always excited for it the lore. Even though each new installment isn’t a sequel to the previously released game, it still manages to tie the games together with the lore.

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The third series that I present you is the Animal Crossing series. The Animal Crossing series has had a total of 9 games, with 4 of them being mainline, 3 being spin-offs, and 2 being Japanese exclusives. The types of games Animal Crossing series has are community simulation games. You are the only human being living in a town with anthropomorphic animals while living your life. This game series is very relaxing and calming. Even though you’re living your life, while doing so, you don’t have to worry about the problems life throws at you. For a game series that doesn’t have you do anything exciting, it’s able to pull you in where you can play it for hours and hours. I have seen videos on YouTube where Animal Crossing has helped with depression, anxiety, etc just because it pulls you into a world where you’re living, but it’s the perfect life you can ask for. With an Animal Crossing game coming to the Nintendo Switch this year, I can guarantee that I will be playing that game for the next few years of my life.

The final series that I just recently found out I really love is the Fire Emblem series. Let me just say right away that this game series is the very definition of the Nintendo Anime-Game series. There has been a total of 15 mainline games, with 3 spin-offs, although the first few Fire Emblem games are Japanese exclusive. They are typically tactical RPG games. As of the time of writing this article, I have only played one Fire Emblem game, which is Fire Emblem: Fates. Now you might be thinking, “How does playing just one Fire Emblem game make it one of your favorite video game series?!” I have occasionally watched gameplay footage of other Fire Emblem games, and I know that if I ever got that specific Fire Emblem game, I would love it. Although I’m only willing to play any Fire Emblem game that’s Fire Emblem: Awakening and later, as any games before Fire Emblem: Awakening was quite challenging. Once one of your units (characters) has hit 0 HP, they were dead. With Awakening and later, they added the option for your units not to die when their HP gets to 0, which I’m thankful for because I’d get all my units killed quickly. What makes this game so interesting for me is the gameplay, the fact you can upgrade your units into more powerful units (and you have many choices to choose from), the art style, and the theme songs for each entry in the series.

And there ya go. My favorite Nintendo series.

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