Reno, Nevada and Mammoth

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The three weeks of the winter break were really fun. I got to see a lot of my family on my steps dads side. I love all of the family on my dads side. In Mammoth I got to go to a wetting. So, my parents took a eight hour drive to Reno. When they left I stayed with my dad for four days. Then my dad took me to the airport. My mom took all of my luggage with her on the drive so I wouldn’t have to deal with it at the airport. I was crying when my dad said bye because I was going to miss him. The plain flight was one hour long. I don’t really like planes because I have motion sickness. When there is turbulence I do not like it. When we turn I feel like I am floating. When we landed I was so happy to see my mom. My mom told us to meet her at the baggage claim area. When I saw her my sister and I were going down the escalator. We had a little group hug too.

When we got to Reno it was warm in the airport, but when we got outside it was about 32 degree’s outside. My mom does not like the cold. I love the snow. But when we got outside there was no snow. But it is the beginning of the year so there isn’t suppose to be that much snow anyway. I love my cousins to the moon and back. They are my favorite cousin I have. I was so sad that we couldn’t see them the first couple hours because we had to get situated in the hotel. The hotel was so big. We had and extra room to have more space. I set up my Xbox in the room. I played for a little then we walked around to see what the hotel looked like.

In the game room there was shuffleboard, bocce ball. giant Jenga, a bar, corn whole, and a photo booth. There was also a art room, coffee, restaurant, and a seating area. All of those activities were on the first floor. Finally I got to see my cousins when they all came to the hotel to lay bocce ball. I didn’t really like bocce ball because it was on a flat surface. That is how it is normal played , but I like challenge. Like slopes, or something like that. We had a room right next to our room. So, it was a good view out of the window. Our cousins and a couple other families came to play. My cousin and I played shuffleboard the whole time. We also played corn whole and giant Jenga. Then we went upstairs and we hung out and playes video games. I was so sad that I couldn’t go to my cousins house. I love the trip to Mammoth and spend time with my family. I love my cousins and spending time with them.

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