Kingdom two crowns

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Kingdom two crowns is a game about exploring and building up your kingdom. Consoles you can get this game is Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 1. I played this game on the Nintendo switch . The game gets its tittle because they have introduced co op to the game.

You start off by choosing a style on the loading screen you can choose the plain medieval Europe style or a Asian style. You then go into the game and a ghost guides you to a campfire to start your kingdom off. To do anything in this game you will need gold and gems.

You will need to hire a lot of villagers to do different jobs while playing . You get villagers by dropping coins for vagrants. unlike for buildings you don’t hold to give them coins you just drop a coin and they will run and pick it up .The villagers you can buy can become archers, builders, farmers, and Ninjas or pikeman ( depending on witch style you choose ). You use archers, ninja, and pikeman to kill the greed witch are monsters take your come every night to kill your villagers and take gold. Your archers can kill deer and rats to get gold. Also a merchant will come every morning and give you gold but you will need to pay him one gold back.

You can use gold that you get to upgrade your Kingdom you will upgrade walls, archer stands, and your campfire. You can also cut down trees, build a boat, get statues, and get new mounts other than the horse. Building the boat will let you travel to other islands, when you get to the islands you will restart but don’t worry your other kingdom will still be there. You should try to explore both sides of the new island to get A chest with gems in it. You will use these gems to unlock new things to buy. Every mount , and every statue needs them. The new mounts you will get will have new abilities you will definitely find one for you. You also will find places to go into a new age and get new upgrades.

The enemy in the game are named greed because they are attacking you because they want money and always want more. They come every night and attack walls, villagers, and you. Once you play long enough you will also see armored greed they will take a couple more hits but aren’t that bad if you have good walls.

When your cutting down trees and go past the merchants camp he will stop coming one solution is to cut down trees but not build where you cut them down. This will make bunny’s appear and your archers will hunt them and give you the money. The better solution is to put money in the bank. If you upgrade your camp four times a banker will show up you can give him money to save at night he will also make you I’m very sorry bae small amount of money but that money will help.

This game has a lot to do and will have you playing for a while. The slow pace is relaxing and the game feels like you can play whenever and have fun.

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