Journalism is the hardest class I’ve ever taken. It’s personal mind you, but I stand by my words. It’s really difficult. Improvement is simple. Not easy, but simple. All you have to do is just keep trying. Repetition and practice does the job. You suck at quadratics? Get some more practice problems and try again. Mile time sucks? Start running on your own time and build up your stamina. Suck at writing? Get some advice from your teachers, find some tips online, and keep trying. The formula for improvement and finishing is all there, but it’s slightly different with writing. In that it’s harder.

With writing, you have to be willing to destroy all your previous progress and go through the trouble of rewriting it and editing it in order to be satisfied with your work. And then go on and write some more. It’s a slippery slope of editing, spitting out words, and purging terrible sentences. Improving with writing takes doing this tedious process over and over and over again. In journalism, I have to do it every week. I improved my mile time by a good amount in a semester. Progressing my writing skills took easily 5 times that effort.

Writing is just half the battle though. The other is finding something actually worth reporting about. I could keep making articles about random thoughts and rant about unimportant issues, but that seems lazy to me. I’ll do the occasional movie review or rant to scrape by, it’s not above me. I just wish I could find more worthwhile topics to talk about, even if nobody really cares but me. They seem to only come when I don’t need them. Even if you find a great subject, executing it is a different beast entirely. Some things don’t work out as well on paper.

I still like journalism though.  I didn’t take it for the opportunity to write more (although it’s easier than I thought it would be), I took it for the free time. I don’t really use the time I have in journalism to write, I usually use that time to finish other homework assignments that are due earlier than my article or to study for 6th period. Having an extra hour in school to hang out and do other stuff is a god-level gift, and I wouldn’t trade that privilege for anything. Another benefit is being able to freely talk. In other classes, time for talking rarely comes up. It’s a breather moment that is scarce, and it can only be beaten by lunch and break. Not for me, though. Journalism provides me the ability to freely laugh and make comments without the threat of getting my work habits grade being lowered. It’s basically 2nd lunch at the table I sit at, and having some friends helps a lot.

While I still don’t totally like writing articles, I can’t say that being in journalism is bad. Because it isn’t. These pages are great to spill out my thoughts and feelings on, and the extra break is gratifying. Journalism is my most enjoyable class.