Should Phones be allowed at Hale?

Phones Shouldn’t be allowed

Phones at Hale are something many students disagree on. Some say that phones should be allowed, and others say they should not. Each side proves good points but you eventually you sort of end up on one side or the other.

In my opinion phones at Hale sound like bad idea. If phones were allowed then students would lack in social skills because they would probably be glued down to their phone and not talk to anyone face to face anymore. This will cause a major increase to cyber bulling.

This will also effect the teachers because they would want to quit there jobs because they might feel that what’s the point of teaching if the kids don’t even pay attention to us. The students might also use there phones to do things like cheat on test. his might decrease the amount of teachers. Without teachers there will probably be no more students. Without student there will be no more money for the district. And students will start to rely on the answers from there phone and probably not learn anything.

Without any education there will be no more of the important people have today like police, doctors, nurses, and of course teachers. Without an education no one would have a job at all because they didn’t earn it they just found the answer online. They would rely on their phone. Yes, this sounds dramatic but this is how our future generations would look like. This is only in my opinion. But there is a reality.

People and kids are really addicted to there phones nowadays you don’t see kids playing outside like old time no kids are on the internet doing who knows what. Kids will be on their phones 24/7 at school and at home. The kids might get homework but they would be more focused on their phone and probably not even touch their homework. They wouldn’t pay attention in class so they wouldn’t do their homework and they would probably receive horrible grades.

When the students have their phones out at school they wouldn’t express their feelings at all. This could cause many problems. This affects their social health tremendously. Students will feel everything in their mind but they won’t speak, they will just keep staring at their phones not caring at all. Many parents would be mad that when their kid comes home and doesn’t say anything and maybe the kid doesn’t even eat. Without their phones they’ll feel like a nobody and with this feeling it might cause them depression and could lead to suicide. Most students could be mentally ill and anything that makes them worse than they are. Cyber bullying would increase by a major amount!

Why students should be allowed to use their phones at school

Should students be allowed to use their cellphones during nutrition and  lunch? Of course they should! I know that there might be a bit of a worry of students not getting enough social time with their friends if they are on their phone all the time. What I have to say about this is what if someone does not have any friends that go to the school or any friends that are available for them to hang out with at nutrition or lunch.  Say for example they are in leadership ,or a different program, or have to work at the student store every other week do you just expect that person to hang out alone with nothing to do. I know that you’re probably thinking why can’t they just read a book or something they don’t  have to be on their phone. Well I’m not sure if it’s just me but If I just came out of doing an English assessment I’m not going to want to read.

I know that I probably should not be ratting myself out like this but whatever. I keep my phone in my pocket all throughout the day (except for P.E.) I don’t trust the idea of just keeping my phone in my backpack. Especially about how many times the school has said things like “ your responsible for your own items,” “none of your lost items will be replaced if stolen,” again that’s just my opinion and there is absolutely no problem with you leaving your phone in your backpack if you feel comfortable with it. Also just so you know my phone is always off.

  Ok, another reason why students should be allowed to use their phone at nutrition and lunch is because what if students want to contact their parents about how well they think they did on their test last period. Or even if they want to tell their parents about a personal problem that they don’t want to have to go into the office and call them in front of all the office assistants  which in my opinion is just weird and a bit of an invasion of privacy.

If we were allowed to use our phones I don’t think everyone would be on them all the time I just think everyone would  be happy to have some freedom. if its something very personal you don’t want anyone to hear about it which is why you could just send a text to your parent about the problem instead. Going back to a students social life I don’t think that if cellphones were to be allowed in school everyone would just be on their phone all the time and that we wouldn’t talk to each other. In fact I think that we would talk to each other even more. You do not know how many times my friends have said that they want to show me a funny video or a picture of their dog or something.