The Most Addictive Thing You’ve Never Tried: IceBreakers

Everyone knows what mint is. Most people have tried a peppermint, a mint drink, mint ice cream, and maybe even a breath mint. Now that’s what I’ll be talking about today specifically. A majority of people have tried a mint and may have liked it, thought it was too strong, or just thought it was okay. However, there is one brand of mint no one can resist, it is the IceBreaker.

First, I have to talk about the multiple flavors and the diversity of the IceBreakers you can try. There are 38 types of IceBreaker you can get varying in flavors and types of IceBreaker from mints to gum. There are also the iconic IceBreakers duos which mix a mint and fruit flavor. These are by far the best of the IceBreaker family tree. The likely best of the duos flavor combining strawberry and mint flavor, the best of the best.

Now that you know the basics of IceBreakers, I can tell you all the ways I managed to make IceBreakers a risk to my life. But before I go into that, I need to talk about how I discovered these addictive tablets of joy. Funny enough, it happened in this very class. It was the last day of first semester in my Seventh Grade. It was the sixth period, journalism, and one of my friends offered me an IceBreaker. It was the iconic strawberry duos, and it entranced me the second I tried it. I had at least four or five IceBreakers in around thirty minutes. After that I basically forgot about them.

It took almost a year for me to discover them once more. I had gone to a Rite Aid with my dad to buy some medicine thing. We were at the checkout when I saw the row of candies in front of the checkout. And then I saw them with my own eyes; the IceBreakers. I decided to grab a pack of the strawberry duos. I took the pack to school and made the mistake of taking one in class. All heads turn. “Steven can I have an IceBreaker?” times ten occurs. That was when I realized that that was the dumbest and smartest thing I had ever done in my life.

After that I realized how powerful I would become with IceBreakers on my side. Every time I asked someone for their answers to homework (which I do often) they’d occasionally say no. But no one could resist the IceBreaker. Instantly, I had become the greatest hustler to walk the land of Hale Charter Academy. These IceBreakers had given me a power, but also a responsibility. These IceBreakers were more than a bargaining tool, they were a community service. Since then, I’ve inspired others to join up and get their own IceBreakers. However, I’ve also got some competition. Specifically, Cameron has tried to get on my level with his Altoids, but as we all know, he can never compete with the best of the best.

The last section of this article will be dedicated to all the stupid things I’ve done with my friends and IceBreakers. The first thing I’d ever done was take about fifteen mints at a time. As you can imagine, it was pretty strong and I ended up spitting them into the trash. However, I was determined to conquer them and finish a ton of IceBreakers in one sitting.  I then decided to choose one of my friends who I believed could challenge these IceBreakers along my side. Adam seemed the best candidate for this challenge. We decided to split the remainder of the mints, like ten and ten. It was a lot easier this time around and everything was going great until I tried to say something. I choked on a couple IceBreakers and spit the ones in my mouth out into the trash before coughing up the other two.

You’d think after that I’d have learned my lesson right? NOPE!!! On the last day of first semester I brought all my IceBreakers I’d obtained in the past month, ten packs to be exact. I took one of each flavor at once, and let’s just say it didn’t taste great. After that I went on an IceBreaker fast until second semester until now. I’m officially back in the business and ready. That’s it for this article. Peace, and remember, IceBreakers over Altoids.