Two days at my dads work

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My dad works at an entertainment and payroll company. He basically fixes problems and creates software systems. About three years ago he got promoted to director.

I’m here to tell you about my experience at my dads work.

The first thing I saw at my dads office were the Christmas lights, there was a contest about two weeks before Christmas. His crew won second place! The contest was, who could create the best decorated department. His theme was Home Alone.

When you first walk in you see a lamp and you pull the string. Its a surprise because when you pull the string to the lamp a “hot iron” falls and “burns your head” just like in the movie. Another trap was, in one scene the burglars pulled a string that made a blow torch blow out fire. So what my dads team,  put red and orange streamers on a fan to make it look like  blowing fire. They put the fan behind a corner which I thought was cool.

My dads office (without the Christmas lights), is kind of like a clinic, but a very plain and boring clinic. The walls are white, the chairs are white, the floors are white, EVERYTHING IS WHITE!

My dad said I could ask him questions if i had any, but I tried not to because I didn’t want to bug him, so I tried to figure it out on my own.

By the way my dad works on some cool shows like, So you think you can can dance, American ninja warrior and American Idol but American Idol went off air.

My dad got us to sit in the audience for American Idol show for free. I got to meet so many American Idol contestants ! That was the only time because the show went off air. I think it is coming back tho (hopefully).

I heard of a dog that comes to where my dads work and his name is Scruffy. He didn’t come the first day I was there but the Second day he did come.

The second day I went to his work I was a lot more comfortable because the first day I didn’t really know anyone. Also the dog Scruffy came. ( he’s so small ) Because it was winter break a lot of kids are off from school, so one of my dads co-workers brought her kid to his work to. Her name was Samantha. She was really nice. Surprisingly I started to write this article, but I got really bored after those days so, I finished the article at home and in class.

Back to the story. Whenever my dad or my mom work they make it look so easy, but they also have worked where they work for more than 15 years. Anyways back to the story, for real! I also helped my dad review reports and sort envelopes.

That day some of my dads clients were bringing in food for his team. There was so much food like, cookies, cake, jelly filled donuts etc…

Overall I had a really fun time at my dads work. I would love to go back any day!





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