Riding ATVs

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So recently my dad bought a ATV. If you don’t know what a ATV is, well I’ll tell you. An ATV is a dirt bike but it has 4 tires. They’re really fun to watch but really expensive. Not that expensive just like $2,000. Well depends which one you get. My dad got a Honda Dirt Bike so it was like around$2,000-$3,000. That’s really expensive. But the good thing is That my dad got a dirt bike for him. He got a 2 wheeler. Those r harder to ride but less dangerous. The reason why they’re less dangerous is because the 4 wheelers can tilt back and the 2 wheelers can’t.

But the 2 wheelers are harder to ride and most of them are really fast. I had the choice to get a 2 wheeler and a 4 wheeler but I decided to get a 4 wheeler because I like those better and they’re easier to drive. And I like the one I have because I can do donuts with them. So my uncle lives by this place where there’s a lot of sand and you can ride your dirt bikes. That place is just for riding dirt bikes. The good thing is that it’s really close to me uncle’s house.

I don’t go that often to my uncles house because he lives in Pismo Beach. Pismo Beach is about 4 hours away from California. They’re like 5 minutes from the beach, and the dirt bike area is in the beach. The area that my uncle is in is so cool because its always cold where they live. I love the cold weather because it’s so much better than hot weather. Another reason why I like where they live is because in California its always hot. This weather is like the hottest state in the world. Everywhere else is so cold.

So since I’m to young i wasn’t able to go to where all the dirt is because my tires aren’t good enough for that dirt. The last time I went I asked my dad if i could go to the big area and he said no. But after a while I annoyed him and he finally said yes. We went together just in case my tires got stuck. I got stuck like 4 times. After I got stuck a lot of times we just left because it got annoying. Right after we left from there we got tires. We went to get better tires.

The thing is that the tires were to small and it didn’t fit on the ATV. My dad said that we might go change the tires the next time we go to my uncle’s house. I really hope we get the right size this time because I really want to go again because it’s so fun to go riding on  ATV’s. I know how to do donuts. One time I did that and i fell. It hurt a lot but it was so fun. I taught my little cousins to ride the ATV. It was so sick. They learned fast.

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