Ok so I have writen about pizza and cookies so why not write about cupcakes. To be completely honest Some cupcakes are disgusting. Even though there are those nasty cupcakes out n the world most of them are delicious.

I actually tried baking cupcakes once. I was at my sister’s house in El Paso Texas and we had recently gone to Walmart to go get cake mix and a bunch of baking supplies. When we got home the day we got everything I got lazy and just made cookies. It was pretty late and I was tired. The next morning I woke up and was determined to make those cupcakes. I had gotten a couple cake flavors I got red velvet, chocolate, and strawberry. It was pretty hard deciding which one I wanted to make first. Finally, I had decided on strawberry cupcakes. So this is what I did, Step one preheats the oven to 350 degrees, step two, mix cake mix, oil, egg, and water into a bowl until its fully beat. Step three when you’re done your oven has probably preheated by now so make sure to check on it. Step four open the oven carefully and place the cupcakes inside. Set a timer and temperature for your cupcakes. Once your cupcakes are done to make sure that they are fully cooked stick a toothpick inside of the cupcakes and if any batter comes out on the toothpick then that means that they are still a little raw. So if your cupcakes are not ready just leave them back in the oven and keep checking on them although if they are ready then let them cool down. When I found out my cupcakes were ready I was so excited we did the toothpick test and everything and they were ready I let them cool for about ten minutes and immediately started decorating them. That was my cupcake story.

Now for some of my favorite cupcakes or supposedly the way you “should be eating a cupcake”  Ok so for my favorite cupcakes I personally think that red velvet is the best cupcake out there it is so good. Next up for the way that “you should be eating a cupcake. So basically what you do with the cupcake is you cut off a piece of the muffin and you put it on top of the frosting. So basically you eat it like a burger. Its supposed to be a less messy more convenient way of eating it.

I feel like cupcakes can work for anything birthdays, Bridal shower, baby shower gender reveal holiday parties and many more events. I was thinking about weddings but to be honest I think it’s cooler to just go traditional and have a big wedding cake but Cupcakes and a cake would be pretty cool. overall I love cupcakes like, I love them with all of my heart I just think they are so tasty and so delicious. So next time you have to pick out a dessert at the grocery store pick out cupcakes.