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Every night you light a candle but you basically light two plus the minora which is the most important candle. When everyone is done lighting there candles you get gifts like you gent in Christmas. The food you get is for instance donuts with jelly salad chocolate coins and all kinds of other things.

What I got for Hanukkah? I have been wanting soccer shoes for a really long time. So my parents surprised me with those shoes and 20 dollars. But they first put in a box and in another box then wrapped twice. That how I got surprised with my gift. My brother got a new basketball and basketball shoes and 20 dollars like I got. My sister got a Barbie set for her room and 20 dollars like the rest the of us.

On the first day of Hanukkah which was Sunday, we got invited to our cousins house. We  basically only ate and talk but a little bit of video games. Our cousins surprised us with a gift, each one got 15 dollars. We were surprised because we didn’t think we get anything.

On the second day on Monday we hosted at our house and invited friends and our cousins. So we led up the candles and sang Hanukkah songs. After that we went outside to play soccer then went inside to play with the  dreidels. At the end we gave out presents to ur friend and cousins. We got the boys a gift card and the girls Barbie and the babies crayons. Then like 20 minutes later everyone left because there was school the next day and the parents want the kids to sleep early. So everyone left around 8:00 to 8:30.

The next day of Hanukkah on Tuesday we were invited to my littles brothers preschool performance so they danced and one of the kids little brother is at the preschool so his brother is one of my best friend so I wasn’t really bored because I got to play with Fortnite on our phones. Then we got to get some donuts with jelly.

Wednesday we did Hanukkah alone by our selfs so we light of the candles then we all watched a movie together. We got to eat popcorn, donuts with jelly,  chocolate coins, snacks and some fruits. So we couldn’t stay up that late because we had school and I had a lot of homework. The homework I had was write an article for Journalism, Science homework, History homework, and study for a math test. So luckily I finished all that. So I went to my bed to study my math test a little bit to be prepared and ready and I was on my phone 20 minutes, then went to sleep.

Thursday I was invited to my moms friends house for Hanukkah and then went and I was bored really much but then a friend of mine came which I wade through excepting at all so I was really happy. So we light up the candles and then everyone left. Hanukkah is still not over.


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