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I’m gonna tell you about the time when I went to Mammoth. It was really fun, the thing I . didn’t  like is that it wasn’t snowing. I really like the snow. The first time I was ever in the snow was in Big Bear. That was so fun and cool because we were in a cabin and it was 2 stories big. It was so big and the weather was really cold. I mean obviously it’s gonna be cold. I mean it was snowing. Anyways the thing I liked the most was that the cabin had a Jacuzzi. We went in with only our shorts.

You might think we are crazy  for taking shorts to Big Bear but we did. The best thing was that we didn’t know that we were gonna have a Jacuzzi. But the only reason why we brought shorts was because in Big Bear there’s some Jacuzzi’s and my parents said we might go. I really hoped we did because imagine being really cold and just relaxing in a Jacuzzi in the warmness. It actually feels really good. You should go to Big Bear sometime and go inside a Jacuzzi. The best thing is that we would go in the snow and have snowball fights.

Mammoth was fun. But not as fun as Big Bear. Probably because there wasn’t snow. My friend Aidan went for Thanksgiving and he said that there was a lot of snow. I was gonna go to Hawaii for Thanksgiving but I ended up not going. Last year I went for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun because It was the first time I’ve been on a plane and the first time I’ve been to Hawaii. I really wanted to go to Hawaii for a really long time but we never went.

Mammoth is a great place to go like in the cold days. There are so many things to see like waterfalls and so much more stuff. When I went with my parents and uncles we went to go see the waterfalls. There were rocks to go down where the waterfall was. You could be really close to the waterfall. So this guy went and since the rocks were wet and they got slippery he tried to get down but he slipped and got really wet. It was funny but I feel bad for laughing. It was really funny though.

After that happened we went down. But we didn’t go down fast because we saw what happen to the other guy. We went down really slowly and nothing happened. You could feel the breeze of the water and it felt really good. After we went down we got back up and went to go eat. We decided to try something new. I forgot what we had but I remember it was good. Not delicious but it was good. I really want to go back to Mammoth for Christmas or something. I really recommend going to Mammoth because it’s a great place to go to.

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