My Top 4 Favorite JoJo Siwa Songs

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With 10 musical endeavors under her belt and a new one that came out last month, JoJo Siwa is a very established “musician” who has various talents. That is, only if you consider a lot of attitude and editing talent. It was a difficult task to narrow down my favorite four songs.

Kid in a Candy Store

This song is a bop. It’s so iconic. It features JoJo Siwa in a candy store. She’s a kid. Whoa. Mind-blowing, right? Sis dances to lyrics like “Bubble gum/Gumdrop/Drop it like a lollipop/Never let the craving stop/A million flavors/Breathe ‘em in/Rainbow colored oxygen/Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing.” The only thing I’m worrying about is how incredible this song is, JoJo. The mental imagery and visuals provided are stunning. The theme of candy rings through this song, considering how sweet it is.

High Top Shoes

Sis, lemme tell ya, Kween Siwa has -hands down- the best high top shoes on the block, and this song just exemplifies this fact perfectly. This empowering song features many encouraging lyrics, such as, “My high top shoes!/Make me do what I do/Put me in a good mood/Make me think about you/My high top shoes!” This is such a feel-good type of bop that you can’t help but run your hands through your non-existent hairline while listening to this masterpiece.

Hold the Drama

JoJo just wants to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-dance, and I’m here for it! This song is about the unnecessary amount of tea spillage in Siwa’s life, most likely from her Dance Moms phase. How saddening. There is an amazing dance that goes along to lyrics like, “Haters gonna say it, say it, say it/Just to hear their own voices/But I keep slayin’, slayin’, slayin’/Cooking up my good choices/I keep a lot of friends ’cause I’m loyal/Treat ’em real nice, like they’re royal/So you never could say I’m spoiled, uh/Yeah, I’m livin’ my life.” If that’s not inspiring, than I don’t know what is, to tell you the truth. Imagine being such an icon at the age of 13 rather than sitting here writing a crappy and rushed article because you procrastinated until last minute.


THIS IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER MOOD OF A SONG! Makes me wanna come back like a boomerang, to be honest. Okay, but honestly, this is such a liberating song about not listening to the haterz, ya vibe? Lyrics such as the likes of, “All of the boys/They just brush it off/Saying we’re fake/Yeah/No, we’re not/Trying to throw us off track/But we know how to come back (hey, hey, hey)” emphasize the absolute brutally kind nature of a Siwanator. JoJo Siwa should be considered an American hero, if you ask me. Nobel Peace Prize, who? JoJo, sis.

Honorable Mentions: Every Girl’s a Super Girl, D.R.E.A.M., and I Can Make U Dance

Alright, well there you have it. My favorite songs from the amazing 5’9″ two year old that is JoJo Siwa. Everything about her is just iconic, including her songs, as you can tell from this article.


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