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Why Christmas is my Favorite Holiday

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Every year many people celebrate holidays in the winter. Some of these holidays are not celebrated in my religion so I don’t know about them. But I do know one: Christmas. Here is my opinion for why Christmas is my favorite holiday.

To understand why Christmas is my favorite holiday you must know its history. Christmas was celebrated as being the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus by Roman Emperor Constantine in 336. But was officially recognized as a holiday a few years later by Pope Julius I. Christmas then became related to Santa Claus years later due to the legend of Santa Claus merging with Christmas.

Now, why Christmas is my favorite holiday. Christmas is a time where people can be with friends and family. This gives this time of year much more happiness and fun. Another great thing about Christmas is (if you are Christian or anything similar) celebrating the birth of Jesus. Another great thing is for many people to receive and give gifts. This makes the already great holiday season even better!

Now, my personal experiences with Christmas. Some years I head to St. Louis, MO for Christmas and have a lot of fun and happy memories with my family. I always love playing in the snow but sometimes it doesn’t snow so it makes the trips less fun. But I still have good times with my family. In St. Louis Christmas is a big deal, at least in my family. We always have a gift card exchange at one of my grandma’s house. It’s always very fun and you never know what you’ll get. Another thing we do is have a big dinner at that same grandma’s house. With a bunch of tasty foods. We also have smaller dinners at other places, such as my great grandma’s house and my grandparent’s house. I always love spending time with the people I love since I can’t see them too often. We also usually always do this, I have a sleepover with my cousins. Which is a ton of fun since they are just a little younger than me but not too young. After that we visit my Aunt’s and we always can have some good laughs there. I often get bored their because I was younger and wanted someone to play with. But now I can have very good conversations with, not just my aunt, but my whole family. Also when I go to St. Louis we rent a car so we can travel around easier than someone taking us their it saves them time and us time too. When I go to St. Louis we stay for 10 days, but this time we are staying for 13 because my mom and her friends from St. Louis are going to a concert the second day, so they are going to be in a hotel for the first couple days. I am excited because I will be alone so my family will see how much older I am now from the last time they saw me. Thats why I love Christmas so I can be with my family and have good times.

So that’s it the basic summary of my opinion of Christmas.


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Why Christmas is my Favorite Holiday