I’m Going to Try to Write Whatever Comes to Mind: 2nd Edition

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Hello. If you’re reading this, that is very surprising. I would expect this article to buried down into the depths of The Hale Telescope. I am the same writer that wrote: “I’m Going to Try to Write Whatever Comes to Mind.” You may be wondering why I’m doing this again. Well, this article is my last article that’s due for the Fall Semester. So I thought, “Let me end it with a bang!… sort of…” But, this time, I’ll be aiming for that A+, so I’m going to write at least 800 words with my own photos! Let’s begin!

Something I’m very excited about, that’s coming out on Friday, December 7th, 2018, is a video game that goes by the title Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! I have been super, duper, POOPER excited about this game ever since it was revealed back in February. Although it was a small teaser of it, it did say it would come out in the holidays of 2018. It wasn’t until a few months after, we’d be informed about the name of the new Super Smash Bros game, the release date, and much more information about it at the most known video game convention: E3. What I love the most about it is that it will be bringing all fighters that have been in every single Super Smash Bros game, plus a few more newcomers. And to think that there are 4 more days (from when this article is being typed up,) until it comes out, I can hardly contain my excitement!

Okay. This next thing I’m going to talk about is sort of… not good. So today’s my mom’s birthday. Like any good child, you’d always greet them “Happy Birthday ______!” I made the mistake of, I’m not saying I forgot her birthday, it’s just wasn’t one of the first thoughts that came through my head when I woke up, not greeting her happy birthday. As I was about to leave, and saying goodbye to my mom, I heard her say something along the lines of “I’m not appreciated.” That’s when it occurred to me that it was her birthday. I saw tears starting to form, and then I saw her starting to cry. At that moment, I embraced her with the biggest, tightest hug, saying, “Oh my god. I’m so sorry mommy. Happy birthday.” I started to cry to think how much of a d*** I was being. To me, the thought of not being appreciated and the center of attention ON YOUR BIRTHDAY would really hurt me. It put me in a not so great mood, but not a bad mood, that day, but it didn’t affect me so much that I felt like being a depressed, attention seeker. I’m currently making a birthday card for her because she deserves one, and she deserves to know that I really love her. Now you may be wondering, “What about your father? Didn’t he greet her happy birthday?” The truth is that my parents haven’t been getting along that well lately. The scary part is that my mom was implying that they may get divorced. I refuse to let that happen, so now I’m going to start pitching in with my parents’ relationship, and help fix it!

Now let’s step away from this topic because I don’t want to make this article all sad and stuff. Something I want to talk about is Christmas. More specifically about the gifts. I already have two friends that are getting me gifts, and it’s a surprise as well. Of course, I’m going to get gifts for them too. But, if someone I really don’t know too well gets ME  a gift, I’ll feel obliged to get them a gift too. It’s already hard enough to get gifts for my friends (my friend group is quite big,) but to also get gifts for someone else, I’m going to destroy my savings account. I’m also not sure if I’ll be getting gifts for my friends because I want them to have a good quality Christmas gift. But again, I’m going to destroy my savings account.

Right now, I have so many projects and quizzes I that’s all going to be due on these last two weeks of school. I have an English project, that’s actually a Cross-Curricular project, and we need to create a skit about these three people, 2 science projects: one being the science fair and the other being a normal project, a science quiz (that I hope is easy because it looks like it is,) a history project, which is fairly simple but is a bit challenging, and a history test. It really is quite a lot, and the fact that my parents might divorce is a bit stressful, but I’m still managing fine.

I’ve never talked about this on any of my articles, but I will now. All about my dogs! I’m so happy that I have these dogs with me. My parents knew that being an only child (I have a half-sister, but I don’t see her daily,) would be lonely. So for one of my birthdays, they got me a dog! And 2 months later, my dad got another one as a surprise! And there was no special occasion at all. Since I passed 800 words, I’ll show a picture of my dogs now!

The one of the left is a boy; Oscar, and the one on the right is a girl; Emma. They are both of the same dog breed called maltipoos.

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