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My depressing made up story

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I sat there, cold, bruises all over my body. My eyes filled with tears my clothes were ripped from working so hard . I tried to sleep on the hard, freezing stone ground and eventually I cried myself to sleep. Every Night I snuck downstairs and went by the fireplace and cried. I prayed for someone to love me, to hug me and think of me as a human being.

I woke up and started getting breakfast ready for Christina. The one thing Christina would allow me to do is eat with her, however if I didn’t cook “well” I couldn’t. When Christina woke up I heard her walking downstairs, I got a shiver as she walked into the dining room. She sat down with a twisted face, she is never exactly “happy”, I gave her coffee and bring her breakfast. She throws the plate with the delicious foods on the ground, “Lorelei I said no strawberries with my food!” Christina is a cruel person one day that has to change. I guess my stomach will stay empty. She picked up brown leather belt and made sure the cold metal part hit my skin. Christina adopted me at eight years old, my father died when I was two years old. My mom didn’t tell me what happened she said I wasn’t old enough. When I was six years old my mom died in a car accident, that made me an orphan so I had to be adopted. Christina thinks of me as a slave not a daughter she is white I am african-american and she will never accept that.

That day was very bad for me. My stomach was aching, I often felt dizzy. I wanted to eat, serving the food was very hard. The smell of the mashed potatoes, chicken, and peas made me overwhelmed. Christina gave me a very small rock hard bed. Today she took away that so called “privilege” away, I usually sleep on the ground anyway. I couldn’t sleep, not with my empty stomach. I slowly head into the kitchen, even though Christina is a very heavy sleeper I fear what she might do to me. I find a pack of stale crackers in the cabinet. I assume that Christina won’t notice they’re gone because she almost never steps foot into the kitchen. I slowly and happily eat away the pack of crackers.

I figured I needed energy so I rolled myself up and cried myself to sleep. I woke up to the smell of breakfast. I got up confused, and I was rubbing my eyes when someone gives me a hug. “ I’m so sorry,” she was trying to say even though she was crying real hard, “I’m sorry I ever did that to you.” I recognize the voice, “Christina?” I said as she hugged me harder. She had a big smile and told me to go upstairs, take a shower, and then go to your room and put on the outfit I have picked for you. I do as she says still feeling like I am dreaming. She does one long braid down my back.  “Christina… um are you feeling okay should I make you some tea?” I say getting up. She shakes her head no, and leads me to the table where she prepared breakfast. I eat every bite with joy so happy she had a change of heart. “ Lorelei I apologize so, so much I was thirsty so I came downstairs to get water and I see you there.” Christina started crying. “I saw you crying! I saw you shivering on the cold, hard ground!” I started to cry to. “ I thought about how a horrid, mean, twisted person I must be!” I cried harder. “ I saw your small body and pigtails, and I thought you are a little girl, my little girl!” I gave a huge hug to Christina, I have someone to love me!  

Christina  gave me a warm hug and then wiped her tears. “I’m sorry,” she said handing a cup of tea, “Please, please forgive me!” I smiled and nodded my head and gave a big sigh. I drank my tea and then I asked Christina one thing. “Why did you adopt me? If I was so worthless.” Christina came and sat next to me. “Lorelei, I was born in a world where I was supposed to separate people like me and people like you.” I was a bit confused, but I nodded as if I understood what she had said. “ I was supposed to think that because of the color of your skin you were less then me, you were different then me, worse.” I looked down because this information made me feel sick and worried.” “I grew up thinking one little girl was better than another, that even though a specific person did something better than me I got what they deserved.” “I was a mess, a disaster completely terrible.” “I wanted someone to do everything for me so I wouldn’t move a finger, so I thought of doing what I did and getting you.” “So I did it and so then I had you, to do everything I needed.” “And then….I realized everyone who told me to separate people, are wrong and you deserve just as much love as any white little girl would receive.”  

I said nothing, I was so happy and surprised that all I could do is hug Christina one more time.

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My depressing made up story