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Christmas is my favorite holiday. I would have Christmas every single day. What I love most about Christmastime is the music and the joy in the air!  I love Christmas so much that my mom and I watch the Hallmark Christmas shows in July and sometimes my mom will play Christmas music around Halloween (and my dad goes crazy).

Now here’s what I want for Christmas.

The first thing I want for Christmas are AirPods because they are wireless and Bluetooth.

The next thing I want for Christmas is a new bat for softball! The bat is called “the ghost” and it’s made so when you hit the ball you hear that crack and that’s when you know that you hit the ball well!

The third thing I want for Christmas, but I know that I will not get, are UGG’s, because my feet will sweat and I will ruin them. 🙁

I would also like this training device for softball practice. It helps you hit a baseball even though I play softball. Basically a baseball is smaller than a softball so it helps you hit the softball better if hit in the right spot.

Another thing I want is a stretchy band for softball because it helps you build you upper arm and muscles which will help me throw the ball faster and longer distance.

And finally, I really would like a pair of slippers.  The slippers I have now aren’t really slipper-like and are more like flip flops and the strap is breaking down. The new ones I hope to get are pink or gray and fluffy.

I’ve written a lot about the things that I would like to get for Christmas, but I also really love to give gifts.  I like giving gifts to my family and friends and to the homeless and the less fortunate. I really believe in giving back to our community.  The reason why I like to do that is because I think it makes people’s day and because people forget who you are but they will never forget how you made them feel. And that’s what I thrive for.   I love giving a gift and seeing a friend smile.  I love hearing them laugh if I’ve given them a funny gift.  I love seeing my little cousins rip their presents open with so much excitement.  I love making presents for my parents.  I know that they love it when I do.

I believe that Christmastime is about being with family and people that you love.  Having fun playing games, eating yummy foods and drinking lots of hot cocoa with marshmallows, and feeling grateful for whatever I get for presents.  It’s really not about presents, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want them! And most important, it’s about helping others.  We can all give a little something to brighten someone else’s day.

I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season with their families and Happy New Year, too!


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