What I want for Christmas!

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As you most likely know if your keeping up with the dates, it’s almost the holidays. And I want a lot of stuff for Christmas. So this is what I want.

I really want Uggs, I know this is incredibly basic but they are so comfortable. They are really warm, actually surprisingly cute in my opinion as well.

Another thing that I want is mugs, or cups. Mostly decorative mugs that are to over priced for me to get them for myself. I think this is overall a pretty easy gift to get someone.

I want a Britney spears shirt from hot topic. Hot topic has tons of tees for bands and singers and there is a Britney spears shirt I have been dying for. I think if you want to get someone obsessed with a singer or something you should definitely go to hot topic.

I want candles and blankets, and candy with popcorn. I put these all together because I think of it as a little “movie set”. You have everything you need for the perfect movie night! I think this idea is adorable and that it’s something sort of sentimental.

I want to get bath bombs from Lush or anything from there really. I think this is also a really good priced and also a good gift. I think this gift is good for someone you know but not well, or for a secret santa. I think it’s also simple, and there is gift sets to make it easier. Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop, and candle shops are also good for simple gifts.

I want a purse of some sort, probably a good price range to fit for this gift is around $30 or a little more. I think this is sort of a gift for maybe someone older than you, or a gift for your mom or aunt, maybe even and older sister. This is overall good for a gift for someone who deserves something nice.

I don’t want this but it is good for some like your father, a wallet. I think that a wallet or baseball hat is good for your dad, uncle, whoever. Also things such as key chains are good.

I want final cut pro editing software. I love editing videos, and final cut pro is the best editing software out there. I’m definitely not going to get this however considering the fact that it’s three hundred dollars.

I want clothes and shoes. I love fashion and style and things that have anything to do with this sort of thing is great. Earrings, necklaces, clothing, shoes, and more! These things are great gifts that can range in price. Good for all ages. I think that this is a good gift for a sister or cousin.

Overall, these are all great gifts to ask for or to give! I tried to make the prices of the gifts that I chose low, but a couple are a bit expensive. But, these are the best!


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