The Fires

The fires were very scary, I remember going to bed that night and my mom saying that she hoped that my brother and I wouldn’t peak through our side of the hill. My mom had lived through 3 separate sets of fires, one when my sister was little and the two other times when she was pregnant with both my brother and I. As I woke up the next day, we noticed that the fire had touched the top part of Castle Peak and was on in our vintage point, still far away but scary none the less. My mom left for work that day and urged us to let her know if it starts burning down the hill. She had asked us to be sure to stay indoors and to not go outside, for any reason just in case of the smoke blew in our direction. I could see flames from the second floor and from my mom’s bathroom.

I did not feel safe. My mom decided not to send us to school that day, so my grandparents came over to stay with us. My brother called my mom around 11:30 and urged her to come home as soon as possible. She was home by noon and my brother and I felt a lot better, but as the day progressed and the sun started to dip behind the mountains, my brother and I started to panic some more. I thought to myself, what if the fire jumps Valley Circle? what if we lose our home? What if we accidentally burned in this fire? What if the valley burns and people I care about get hurt or worse lose their home? I just could not stop thinking about all these horrible things that could happen to us. The winds were not helping any, as they dropped retardant and water on the flames, anther would creep up. I just couldn’t stand it.

I was a nervous wreak, but my mom being the voice of the reason insisted we were fine. That we were all safe. I wanted to believe her but then the whole hill looked like something out of a apocalyptic movie. It was a sight in the worst possible way. I had never experienced something so terrible as a fire and how quickly it can burn a whole mountainside. The scene was awesome, but not in the why you would think. It was scary and my heart wouldn’t stop racing. My mom kept calm, asking me and my brother to pack just in case we have to leave. I was thinking what would a 12 year old boy pack in something like this. So for the first time my brother and I read each other’s mind, so we got our basketball shoes, our computers, and our PlayStations. When my mom got home she laughed at my brother and I for what we packed but we did pack clothes. Later we had to take our grandparents to my aunts house who lives nowhere near the fire and now they were safe. The next day to thank then for helping us we brought them supplies such as 5 boxes of pizza, granola bars, and water.