Why I’m Going To Boarding School

Throughout my life, I’ve been to multiple schools. Transferring was more normal to me than staying at the same school for more than a year or two. This time, it wasn’t any different.

I haven’t felt a sense of community at a school since the second grade. I always feel misplaced. When everyone at the school has grown up together, it’s really easy to be outcasted. It’s not Hale’s fault at all. I think the reason I don’t feel right at Hale is because of how over-populated it is. There are so many kids that I don’t know kids who’ve been going to school with me for the past year and a half.

So, why boarding school? Mostly because my family is forcing me, however I do feel there are some really good benefits to boarding school. See, my dad went for most of his high school career and he loved it. I think it’s because boarding school builds a sense of community. You not only see these kids everyday at school, you also live with them. It forces you to be friendly to kids you don’t even really get along with. Unlike Hale, where it’s completely possible to entirely avoid someone you don’t like all year.

I don’t have any prior experience with boarding school, however, I do feel it’s kind of similar to summer camp. You sleep there, you spend all day with the kids, you do activities during the day, and have meals together. Camp is one of my favorite places on earth. Especially when I go to a new one. I love the idea of being forced to get to know a group of kids and getting to hang out with them 24/7. So that’s why, when boarding school was mentioned at Thanksgiving Dinner, I was thrilled.

I hate cell phones. But in order to communicate with my friends I have to use them. I can never have a meaningful conversation over text. That’s another reason I love camp, because I get to have really great conversations with people. At boarding school, I’ll have my phone however, I don’t think I’ll use it nearly as much.

I’m the type of person who thinks it’s more important to have a small group of friends that you cherish, than a large one of people you barely know. At school, I feel like I barely know a lot of my friends. There are some people who I don’t talk to after school, and don’t hang out with after school, and I still somehow consider them my close friends. Yet there’s no connection between me and them. I’m forced to have fake friends because I need people to sit with at lunch, and that really bugs me.

So, the only problem I have with boarding school, is the fact that I have to choose. I get the decision of choosing where and what school I go to. I have to go somewhere where I have family. So that leaves, Seattle, California, Fort Lauderdale, or New York. Which is a big decision for an almost 13 year old.