Did I enjoy Sixth grade?

Ok so to be honest I did, as much as it was weird adjusting to middle school I guess you could say that I still enjoyed it. Let’s start off on why it was weird adjusting to middle school. Ok, so the first reason why it was weird was that everyone had a different way of doing everything, and when I say everything I mean everything!  everyone had a different style, different personality, and some people even had a different way of doing their homework. I had friends though, my elementary school friends. I do enjoy hanging out with my elementary school friends some of my very best friends are from elementary school.

Over the school year of sixth grade, I became less close to some of my friends and became close to some of my other friends. My schedule was English and history first then Math and science and then college eds for the first semester and Avid as my elective second semester. Let me talk about how each semester went and which one I enjoyed More ok so the first semester I was adjusting to middle school in the first week my teachers were honestly all pretty nice and they gave me an overall good sixth-grade year. Let’s start off with history and English, First was English. I like English I think that it’s easy and interesting. Next period was history I personally think that history is pretty boring but my teacher actually made it pretty fun. Third period was math I like math but it is kind of boring but I loved my math teacher she would make everything fun.

Except I don’t think that any teacher can make taking notes to fun but besides that, she was hands down a great teacher and I loved being in her class. Next period was science. I love science!! I think its super interesting and you just learn new thing about the earth or our human bodies every day. My teacher also loved science which made it really fun to learn when she was teaching us. We would always do super fun science experiments aka labs. we also always did projects I remember one time we did this project and I was the presenter and when I was done with my presentation my teacher complimented me on how great she thought my presentation was. I love my science teacher. So those four classes were basically the same for both First and second semester. So let me just talk about my electives My first elective was college eds which was basically forensic science it was really fun and a pretty easy class. I had a couple of friends in there as well. The second semester I had avid. Avid was super fun, well most of it something that I did not like to do  in Avid was Trf I think that that stands for Tutorial request form basically what you had to do on those was chose a problem that you are having difficulty which and share it with your group and have them ask questions to see if they can help you out . To be honest I think I did like the second semester better. Although I had my troubles, sixth grade was a good year hopefully seventh can be good as well.