Fortnite Season 6 Review

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Since Fortnite Season 6 is coming to a close in a week. I thought it was a good time to make this review.

Season 6 started on September 25 and will end on December 6. This Season brought us a new battle pass, new locations, and new lore. First, the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass this season included many Halloween themed skins. My favorites of this Season are: Calamity(cowgirl), Dire(werewolf), and A.I.M(robot). These skins are very cool with the first two having unlockable styles. Next, The new locations. This season did not bring us as many new locations as the last season. We were given a haunted castle, a corn field at Fatal Fields, and a floating Loot Lake island. This is very weird due to there being no new named locations on the Fortnite Battle Royale map.

Now, the story at the start we had really no idea of what was going on. The story is told by the loading screens every week. It started with Calamity on her ranch with llamas. Then Dires in the woods attacking the Giddy-up(dude in a llama costume). Then the Fable(little red riding hood) skin saving Giddy-up. Then Fable at the haunted castle with Dusk(vampire). None of this explains our story. Then on October 24th the Fortnitemares event started and brought monsters to the Fortnite map. This event continued the storyline with the cube from season five blowing up the floating cube island and breaking it into 3 pieces. The cube also opened up an evil portal that brought the monsters and made the game really annoying. The storyline continued when the Calamity and Deadfire (other cowboy) are having a battle against Dusk and Sanctum (other vampire) at the haunted castle. This still doesn’t explain much. But on November 4th a major in game event happened. Which still doesn’t really explain many things. The event started out when the cube started spinning in the air until it exploded. Then the explosion sent all of us to another dimension. Then while in the other dimension we all witnessed a butterfly appear. Then it sent us back and the map was restored. Then in the next loading screen a robot appeared on the map with in the distance you can see an iceberg. To make sure this is an iceberg we saw that the robot had ice on his feet and arms. In the following loading screens it is the robot in the background of normal events being very creepy.

Now, the gameplay side of this season. During Season 6 many new items were added such as the quadcrasher and the new weapons. The new weapons added a more heavy feel to the game. The most important are the Heavy AR and the new Pump Shotgun. All of these weapons deal big damage at a slow rate of fire. This keeps the weapons balanced and fun to use. The quadcrasher is a great item for getting around the map when glider-redeploy is out of the game. Speaking of glider-redeploy, glider-redeploy was a feature where you could jump off of a high mountain, building, or something else you could glide down taking no fall damage. This feature made the games fast-paced and more fun. Now the most controversial feature just added last week. Now, ever since the game launched the pickaxe damage has been 10 damage but last week they changed it to 20 so now the pickaxe is so powerful and kills in 5 hits. I don’t like this because it makes it less desirable to have a gun. This was the review of Season 6 of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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