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I am a proud owner of three huge German Shepards. My dogs’ names are Simba, Ginger, and Junior. Ginger is the oldest then it’s Simba, and then it’s Junior. Ginger is 5 and her birthday is in May, Simba is also 5 but he just had his birthday in October, and Junior is 3 and his birthday is also in May. Ginger is a red German Shepard and Simba and Junior are regular German Shepards. Ginger and Simba are basically husband and wife because they had 8 puppies together and the youngest puppy to come out of Ginger was Junior so we decided to keep him. We sold all the other different close friends of ours. I was really sad that we had to sell them but my siblings were also very sad. When I first saw the tiny little puppies I was dying of how cute and tiny they were. It was really cute when they fought because they would jump on top of each other  and make little cute noises.

They were also teething so they would bite on our fingers and it would either hurt a lot or not hurt at all. What I loved a lot about the puppies was that when i’m playing or watching something on my phone I would just like 4 of them on my stomach sleeping. I just loved seeing them run around and playing with each other in the cage. Ginger was an extremely protective mom she wouldn’t let Simba get close to any of the puppies. It was really funny because Simba didn’t know what the puppies were so he always tried to attack them but ginger would not even let him get close which was really funny.

Simba couldn’t get to the dogs because Ginger is the strongest dog we have so she just kept flipping him over so Simba always would bark at the puppies and then run away from Ginger. Ginger is the smallest, Simba is the largest, and Junior is the tallest which is weird because he is the youngest. Ginger has the strongest teeth she pops every basketball that we have so when we play we have to run really fast to get the ball before she does and it is really hard to beat her in a race. Simba is the most calm out of all of our dogs and Junior is the craziest one. Junior always wants to play fetch and whenever you walk outside he runs as fast as he can straight to you and he jumps on you and he licks you everywhere on your face. You cant even get him off of you. You just have to wait for him to lick ever spot and he will finally get off of you. My dogs are trained so they don’t run away when we open the gate and when we give them treats they know how to do paw, spin, sit, jump, roll over, hug, and jump. I love my dogs so much hat I cant even explain how much I love them.


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