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I have been staring at my computer screen for the past hour or so, thinking about ideas for articles, when something came to my mind. What if I wrote about people’s opinions about school? So, here’s an article about that.

I asked a few of my friends what they thought about school and here are their responses:

Friend 1: “I’ll write a poem.


school makes me work.

I don’t like work.

School is only good,

because of friends.

But with friends,

there is drama.

Which is not good.


School gives test.

I don’t like test.


You must study.

I don’t want to study.


School gives homework.

I don’t like homework.

I think I get F’s,

but today I got an A+ on homework.



I get it a lot.


Friend 2: “It’s very interesting. It can build you up or break you down. It gives you good memories, like hanging out with friends and being able to find yourself. You can also create bad memories, like being bullied or an embarrassing moment, but you can learn and you live. I can’t imagine my life without my teachers and friends who have genuinely changed my life for the better. But there’s a flip side to the good things, like stress and peer pressure, which can be good or bad. Things like mental health and physical health can suffer from it. So I just think it’s something new to look at differently every day.”

Friend 3: “I love school because I know how big of an impact it is on my life and my job in education, but I feel that I would enjoy it a lot more if there were things to make your educational path a little more personal so it’s easier for you to understand and some of the people at school are very helpful, friendly, and considerate, while others are selfish and rude. So school does have it’s pros and cons.”

Friend 4:  “School is a new experience everyday. It’s great because you can learn and make friends. It prepares us for the future. School is where most people make their first friends. It’s filled with memories— good and bad. On the downside, it’s too much stress on most students. Between our six periods, we can end up with hours of homework and studying for future tests. Most students don’t have enough time to do everything so they have to sacrifice their sleeping habit. I believe if the teachers communicated so that the students weren’t suffering as much, everyone wouldn’t be as stressed out and therefore happier.”

Friend 5: “I don’t like it. It makes me tired. It’s full of too many edgy people. A lot of people are very rude and not considered as “friends.” Staff are quite rude. The school’s too big.”

Friend 6: “School can be bad and good. good on the days you have a fun time in class and good time with your friends at lunch and nutrition. bad when class is super boring or hard and lunch and nutrition is boring. It all mainly depends on what kind of mood your teachers are in. I think homework is EXTREMELY useless because we already spend 7 hours in school 5 days a week and for teachers to just add another 1-2 hours to that is annoying, like they should teach all of this to us in class. Of course, some days I love school, some days I hate school, and others are just normal. School is also very difficult because some teachers are very strict or are always angry, plus everything you have to learn depends on how the teacher teaches, which is a lot of stress on a student because if their teacher doesn’t teach them well they have to spend more time learning it at home. Of course, school can be great because it gets you through life like finding a job, but it can also be stressful and awful.”

Friend 7: “The past 3 years of middle school was not so great. I never like middle school. I started off great but might end not so good. I miss my old friends a lot but I love my friends that I made for the past 2 years. Middle school was stressful and can give you bad and good times.”

Friend 8: “I like school because I get to hand out with my friends. I dislike school because there is homework and homework is useless. I don’t like school because it is tiring and you have to wake up early.”

Friend 9: “I like my teachers because they are good and teach good and my classes because they aren’t too hard and friends because they help me.”

My Opinion: I think that school is a pretty good place filled with good teachers and classes that you learn a lot in. For me, I’ve had a pretty great middle school experience because I’ve met a lot of my friends here, I learned a lot that I need to know in the future (and I am still learning more things), and so much more. Even if I do go through some small arguments with my friends here and sometimes get not so great grades on my tests or projects, school has still been pretty great overall.

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