My Thanksgiving break was really good on the first day which was Saturday I went to a movie in the morning named goose bumps I went with my friends we had really much fun. We ate popcorn we drank sprite and coke and bought candy. After the movie they all came over to my house we played soccer and basketball. After we played outside we played video games The two games we played were call of duty and fortnite. That same day everyone left home but one of my friends stayed to have a sleep over. We watched another movie at night named venom.

The next day on Sunday my friend left home and when he left my whole family stayed home didn’t really do anything we just went outside to play basketball and played video games. So we didn’t really do anything on Sunday.

The next day on Monday all my friend went to the park to play soccer and we played tag and different games. But then we all got ice cream and takis. After we left from the park we went to Pizza Hut to eat pizza there with everyone. When everyone finished eating we all went to our homes because the next day we were all gonna see each other again because on of the people from the park had a birthday tomorrow.

So on Tuesday  the birthday started at 2:00. He did the birthday at his house, he did a pool part but everyone played basketball. So everyone kind of did what they want outside at the birthday part. His birthday part was around 3 hours. Everyone had fun because everyone played in the pool and other kids played other games. So I got home and just chilled played some video games and went to bed.

On wednesday my mom was making food to get ready for thanksgiving which was on the next day. So my siblings and I all did our homework so we would get rid of it so we wouldn’t have to worry about it. The only homework I had was for science. So we got rid of and helped are mom clean up the house each one cleaned there own room an then we all cleaned up the living room. So at the time it was 9:00. So we went to bed and used our phones then eventually fell asleep.

Thursday it was Thanksgiving my dad’s brother came over for thanksgiving. So what I ate was turkey  of course and corn. That what I ate for thanksgiving so when my cousins finished eating we play fortnite for 3 hours. After my cousins left and then we helped my mom clean an went to bed. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we didn’t really do anything we just rested at home. So when we had school again on Monday I felt extremely exhausted from the week I was about to fall asleep in period 1 and period 2 but then after nutrition I felt better. So that was my Thanksgiving break.