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How does it feel to be a celebrity

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How does it feel to be a celebrity? To be a celebrity is a good and a bad thing because you could have fans and haters. It is good being a celebrity because you make a lot of money or you can basically get whatever you would ever want. If you go somewhere you would get treated like your the king of that place. Let’s say you are going to  restaurant you would get a special table or you would get treated differently than other people. Or going to the theaters you would get special treatment and special seats.

So if your famous you would get a luxury house and luxury cars. You would have security guards to protect your house if someone try’s to break in. If you would go some where for a vacation you would be able to by the biggest hotel you want. If your really rich people would start to sell you unreleased thing for instance if your a shoe collector some people would offer you some unreleased clothing or shoe. Some people would be sponsored by Nike or adidas so you would get free cloths from that company.

Another good thing about being a celebrity is getting fan mail or people are your idols or really big fans. When you get fan mail the could be really inspirational or nice. For instance some people write letters that says I love you very much or I love your music… Or if you go to the mall some people would cry from joy of seeing you.

Why being a famous person can be pretty bad. Famous people can’t do the same thing as average people. For example if you go to the mall or outside you have to have like 5security guards to protect you from some crazy people who would try to hurt you. If you would go to the mall or grocery store everyone the would ask for a hug, signature, or a picture. These are the disadvantages of a famous person is playing ball in you neighborhood, going to places without a security guard, or being asked for a picture. If your a celebrity some people would try to stalk you or be followed or have a really crazy obsession of you. Some people who are really obsessed can cause a threat to you.

Some people would be your friend but really not because they are using you for your money and then they try to make money off you. All the celebrity’s have no privacy for example you would go out somewhere than people would be running into you can I have a hug or can I have a signature. Having no privacy is the worst thing about being a celebrity.

One of the worst thing is have hate on you because if someone sees you somewhere he would be like your music is trash your such a bad artist or something like that. That’s why it’s good being a celebrity and bad being a celebrity.



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How does it feel to be a celebrity