When My Cousins Visited Me

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I broke my leg in summer. It was a long story and you’re about to hear it. My cousins from Israel came to visit us for the summer. One is 12 and one is 13. They are really religious and they are really nice and fun to play with.

When they first got to my grandmas house they unpacked and they headed straight to my house while my basketball trainer was training my brother and I. I didn’t know that they were already at my house. I was running a lot outside and I didn’t eat breakfast so I felt like I was going to throw up. I went inside because my mom said I can stop early because I was feeling sick. So I walk inside and I go to get a drink. After I get a drink I walk in my living room and I see my grandma sitting right on the coach and my two cousins sitting right next to her.

I was so happy but of course I didn’t show my happiness. I was also really shy to even talk to them but I did and we hugged and we talked about stuff like video games. We then talked then I had breakfast and then we went to my grandmas house. We played video games and we went shopping at the mall and bought some stuff and my grandma bought groceries. We got back to my grandmas house and we watched like three movies and then we played more video games. Then really late at night we played spooky hide and seek were we would try to scare each other before we got found and it was also in the dark. Then we watched two movies and we didn’t go to sleep for the whole day and we were really tired so at like 12 the next day.

We then went to sleep for a long time and then we went to my grandmas pool and we kept spraying each other with water guns. The water in the water guns were freezing cold. After I went to the hot tub and they pored a huge bucket of freezing cold water with a bunch of ice in it on top of me and it was so cold that I put my whole boy under the hot tub.

After we went to Sky High and we started to play tag. We kept running on the trampoline and I couldn’t get tagged so they decided to tackle so I got tagged. I was chasing them and then while I was in mid air two really big ladies came close to each other. So I had to split them mid air and I landed really badly on my foot and we rushed to the hospital and they said that I have a broken foot. So I when I heard that my foot was broken I was freaking out because that means that my whole summer is basically over and that really sucks. So I basically did nothing for the rest of the summer while they had fun.

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