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LA Lakers

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The LA Lakers are a basketball team that play for the NBA. The LA Lakers have become a great team because they have just added one of the greatest player to ever play basketball. His name is LeBron James. LeBron James plays the small forward position and he wears number 23 on his jersey. James has been on three teams before. He played for the Cleveland Cavs, Miami Heat, he went back to the Cavs and now he has joined the LA Lakers. The Lakers haven’t made it to the playoffs in a very long time and this is definitely there year. They will not only make the playoffs but they will go really far in the playoffs and I know that they will play with all there heart and they will do whatever it takes to win games. The Lakers also picked up very good free agents which their team a lot better. Now James has many amazing players to help him. The LA Lakers haven’t won a championship in a very long. They will soon win a championship because of their amazing player LeBron James. The LA Lakers have won 16 championships in Lakers history. The LA Lakers are one championship behind the Boston Celtics who lead the NBA in championships which means that the LA Lakers are in second place. The Lakers goal this year is to make it far in the playoffs and then next season they are planning to pick up another all star from free agency.

The LA Lakers starting five is Lonzo Ball in the point guard position, Kontavios Caldwell Pope plays the shooting guard position, next is LeBron James in the forward position, then Brandon Ingram also plays the forward position and Javale McGee plays the center position because he is really tall. Lonzo Ball is a player that everybody hates just because of his dad. His dads name is Lavar Ball. Lavar Ball tells the internet that he can beat Michael Jordan with one hand and he thinks that his sons are the best basketball players in the world. I believe that he is saying this to give his sons confidence in themselves. However, Lonzo Ball is actually a good player because of his really smart plays and he has extremely crazy passes that nobody can steal. Lonzo Ball has 2 younger brothers. L’angelo Ball has joined the G-league and Lemelo Ball play for Spire Institute Academy which is a highschool. L’angelo is really good at shooting 3’s and he is good at posting up and Lemelo is really good at passing and he is exremely good at shooting 3’s. Lavar Ball has his own company call Big Baller Brand or the BBB. BBB stands for Big Baller Brand and there are 3 three’s because one three represents each son. Lonzo Ball has his own signature shoe by his dad’s company and so do his brothers. Lavar Ball also created a basketball team called the JBA that stands for Junior Basketball Association. H =e created it for the ids who didn’t make their college teams.

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LA Lakers