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I went to Zion for Thanksgiving this year. I went with my three family members. I also went with my cousin (evan)  and his three family members. My step dad last name is Pearson. My cousins family is the Ginians. there were two other family that were also the Pearsons. In the other families they had a husband and wives, one of the families had a dog, and the other family had two. We went in our motor home, the makers of the motor home made the name Fleetwood. Our motor home is 36 feet long. We have everything you would have in a normal kitchen, our motor home has it all. From our hose to Zion it took eight full hours to get there. On the way back it took a little longer because of traffic. I love camping in a motor home because you have a lot of space and it feels like home. When we got there we got out the chairs, mat, table cloth, bikes, and toys. Thirty feet away was a river that at the deepest part was six feet. I love my cousin and he is my favorite cousin I have. He is athletic and he has a sense of humor.

My cousin and I both fell in the river. The river is about 30 degrees or so. My sister also fell in. She fell in the middle so she had to walk all the way across. Walking to shore she fell in even more so she went in all the way and went with the river. For about ten seconds she went down the river. Then, she got out and ran to the motor home to get a towel. I play baseball so my favorite part was playing baseball. The first hike we did was Angels Landing. The reason why in is called Angels Landing is because someone said the it was so high that only angels can touch the top. From the ground to the top was 1000 feet high. It was a five mile hive there and back. it took about four hours. Some of the parts were so close to the edge that there was a chain to holt on to. Half of the hike was paved because of erosion. The other half was walking on all rocks. The rocks are were the chains were.  When we went to the top we ate lunch and went back down.

I went on an awesome bike ride. The bike ride was mostly down hill, and one fourth of the ride was going up rocks. The only up hill was gong up the rocks and a dirt trail. The uphills on the trail were never that hard, but some of the rocks were so large that you would have to carry your bike up the. I got hurt on the ride. I fell down a big rock and smashed my leg against is. I got a bruise and no my leg hurts because if the impacted.

It was a trip were you learned a lot of things about erosion and it was very beautiful.

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