The House That’s Abandoned

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There once was a girl named Layla. She was 21 years old and she lives with her husband Tanner. One day, Layla went on a trip with her friends to an abandon house.When they went up to the house door, it was locked. They went through a small hole in the back of the house that led to the kitchen. After they went through the small hole, they went to the upstairs bathroom where they found bloody hand prints on the wall. After seeing the horrific bloody hands on the wall they went to check the house for bodies. After they went to go look for bodies, they went downstairs to analyze blood. When they went to analyze it they noticed that it was still wet. They got a swab and took a sample of the blood to test it and see who’s it is.

The next day… after they took the blood they took it to there science lab at Taft Charter High School. When they tested it , it said that the blood did not belong to an adult it belonged to a child. The child’s name was Charlie Gardner she was 4 years old and lived with her mom and dad . That night they went to the neighbors around the abandon house and asked who lived there and what happened and she said one night a guy came in and killed the Gardner family when they were asleep.

After they talked they went back inside to look for the body’s. When they got inside they went in the attic. When they went in the attic they found the parents body’s in a toy chest. Then they went upstairs to the toddlers room were they found Charlie. She was alive. She had cuts on her hands from glass but she was alive. That’s why her blood was on the wall.

They picked up Charlie and took her to Layla’s house. When  they got there Layla went into her closet and got her old baby cloths from when she was 4. She washed up Charlie then put this pink flower outfit and a the matching bow on her. After she got her dressed she put band-aids on her cuts. After Layla went to the garage and got her old car seat and put it in her car.

After she put the car seat in she put Charlie in it. Charlie didn’t say anything she just stayed with Layla because when she was around her she felt safe. Layla felt bad for every thing charlies been through so she took her to the toy store to get a toy. When they went to the toy store they meet up with Tanner. After a few minutes Tanner and Layla fell in love with Charlie so they decided to adopt her. They loved her very much like there own and they would do anything for Charlie because they loved her very much. The adoption took a couple months but they would never regret it. Then they lived a happily ever after.

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