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Houston Rockets

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The Houston Rockets are a basketball team that play in the NBA. The Rockets have their star player named James Harden and their other star player Chris Paul. Chris Paul is known for his incredibly smart plays and his amazing passes. He also has amazing ball handling. People say that Chris Paul makes players around him a lot better because of his leadership and the open shots he gives them because of his passes. Next we have James Harden. James Harden is known for his feature on his face which is a very long beard. You can’t judge him about it because no matter how he looks he plays amazing. James Harden has an insane step-back move that he does and it gets the defenders shook. James Harden also has amazing ball handling which allows him to blow right pass his defenders for an easy left hand layup or finishes strong with a left hand dunk. James Harden earned an MVP award last season. MVP mean Most Valuable Player which means he was the best player during that season. You can just say that James Harden is one of the best Rockets player so far.

Someone who is also one of the greatest Rockets players ever Hakeem Olajuwon. Hakeem played a very long time ago. Hakeem was a really tall players so he had the ability to get many blocks and rebounds. Hakeem has a nasty move called The Dream Shake. It is where e starts posting up his defender and then he shakes his shoulders and makes a move on them and it almost works every single time he does. That is why he is so unstoppable. Hakeem was also an amazing defender all because of his blocks. He can also dunk really hard and really well. Hakeem was someone who you were scared to go up against. Another really tall Rocket is Yao Ming. Yao is the tallest Rockets player in Houston Rockets history which is insane. Yao Ming was 7’5-7’6 feet tall. Yao Ming was so unstoppable because his height. He was able to dunk without jumping and he was able to block someone without jumping. Yao Ming was also good at shooting from mid-range. Yao Ming was and still might be the best asian basketball player to join the NBA ever. Now that is insane. Imagine going up against a huge guy like that, I will literally just quit the game and leave.

The Houston have many other great players but it is just to much to name. The Houston Rockets have only won 2 championships though. The Houston Rockets coach is Mike D’antoni who is a great offensive coach and an okay defensive coach. Mike D’antoni has been coaching for a very long time and he coached many teams. Mike also coached many amazing players but there are too many to name. The Houston Rockets have been in the NBA for quite a while and this season they are doing alright. There also is an amazing player named Tracy McGrady who scored 9 points in 13 seconds.

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Houston Rockets