My Thanksgiving Break

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This thanksgiving break was something to look forward to. After school ended on Friday I felt good because i was able to hang out with my friends on the weekend and during the week i’m off. I hung out with my friend Sammy on Saturday we went and saw Creed 2. On Sunday was the day I was waiting for, my basketball playoffs. My first game was against a 6 foot 1 kid who was hard to guard because he was so tall. We ended up winning by 3 and we were lucky because they missed the game tying 3 and the other team and coaches were very upset. After my game ended we saw 2 teams that we could be playing in the finals but only 1 of the teams could win to play us. After I had lunch I went back to the gym and we were playing the team we all thought would win and that was PHD. They were coached by the same coaches as last game. we beat their worst team in the regular season. But this was there better team. They Hit so many 3 pointer it was unreal.

We didn’t play like ourselves in the first half, we were down by 15 at the half. My coach was very mad at us but not as mad as he always is, because we were missing one of our best players. In the second half we went off we cut the lead to 7 then it went to 12 then to 3 and it went back and forth for 5 minutes. I had a clutch block and so did my friend Yarin. the games was tied with 10 seconds and we had to get up the court and my friend Julian shot a layup and it went in and out. The game went to overtime and it was the most nerve racking game ever we ended up winning the finals and me and my friend Tyler who was on my old basketball team won our 5 finals trophy. After that I went to my friend Ori’s house with Yarin and we had burgers and spicy hot dogs. After we went to the AMC theater to watch Venom. Also it was good to see the Lakers win which is my favorite NBA team.

Let’s skip 2 days, so we are now on Wednesday. I was watching my brother play for the ElCo basketball team with Ori and our friend JD, they won. Then on Thursday was thanksgiving, I have 2 thanksgivings one in the morning and one in the evening. I had my cousin’s from Arizona come for thanksgiving and it was really cool. And i beat one of my cousins in basketball 2 times and he is 6 years older than me. Friday I was hanging out with my nephew Antonio who is 3 and really adorable, and we also watched my brothers basketball game. Later that day I went to my friend Julian’s house to watch the Lakers game. They won by 7 90 to 83. The next day I went to see Creed 2 again because my dad wanted to see it with me, so we went with Julian and his family and then we went to PFChangs. That was my winter break.

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