Thanksgiving Break

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My thanksgiving break was something to be excited for. For example, on Friday my family had a big meal with delicious food that my mom prepared for us. The meal was really good and delightful and it was relaxing. It was nice because I got to have a nice talk with my parents and my siblings. On Saturday I just stayed home and didn’t do anything except order pizza late at night. On Sunday I had a playoff game for my basketball team with Gavin. We won our playoff game by only 6 points. It was a rough game but we had to get that off our mind because we had a championship game that same day. We went to eat and then we went back to play our championship game. In the first half we were losing by 24 points so we thought we were going to lose. But we kept trying to comeback and we finally came back and there was 2 minutes left. We started to keep scoring and we finally took the lead and we won by three. We were going crazy when we heard the buzzer go of. We all started going crazy, we were jumping on top of each other and the parents looked even more happy then us. Our coach was really proud of us but he had to go o a different game so we didn’t get to celebrate with him.

We went home after and we ate. After we all went to sleep. The next day I was so happy we didn’t have school so I went back to sleep. I woke up started playing on my Play Station 4. Of course I was playing Fortnite. I also went to see a movie with Gavin and another friend. after the movie we had a sleepover at my house.The sleepover was really fun because I have a small little basketball hoop and a small ball and we played on that for a long time. We also played Fortnite on my Play Station 4 and it was really fun.

The rest of the week went buy and it was finally Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving it was my little cousins birthday and it was also a family friends birthday and they were both turning seven so they celebrated it together. On Thanksgiving I ate Turkey, white rice, corn, salad, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and the last one which is weird is marshmallow. I had two plates of that and then played with all my cousins and all y family friends a lot of fun games in their huge garage. We played games like soccer, dodge ball, capture the ball, tag and freeze tag. After  it was time for cake time for them. One cake was chocolate  chip and the other was a strawberry short cake. They were both so delicious and there was also delicious candy that I ate. We also played on their trampoline and on their basketball hoop. We also were dancing to music and it we were going crazy as if we were drunk.

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