My trip to Arizona

I recently went to Arizona during Thanksgiving break. I’m here to tell you about my trip and how it went.

The Car ride was about eight hours long. On the way there we saw so many windmills! Some of them only had two blades while others had three. I think there were at least two hundred windmills on the way there.

While sitting in the back seat with my grandma, I was able to observe everything! There were snowy mountains outside, which I thought was cool, because I don’t really get to see snowy mountains. It is always so hot here in Los Angeles.

When we got to Arizona, we checked into our condo. I’ve never been in a condo before so it was an awesome experience away from hotels.

The best thing about our condo, was that there were two bedrooms and I got my own bed, because in hotels I would have to share a bed with my grandma if we had company with us. Our condo was located in Casa Grande.

The first night, we were getting used to the time change because Arizona is an hour ahead of us. So the next morning I woke up at six Arizona time and forgot that there was a time change and started to text my friends. I didn’t realize the time had changed until I looked at my phone and it hadn’t changed yet to Arizona time and that’s why my friends weren’t answering.

On the third to last day we went to go see family at a Mexican restaurant. I normally don’t like Mexican food, but these fajitas were the best thing ever,and when I say the best thing ever, I mean the best thing ever. The reason why we went to go see my family is because my Aunt Vicky has breast cancer and we don’t know how long she has to live. I was happy to see that she looked healthy and sounded beautiful, even though she was coughing a lot.

On the second to last day, my cousins came over. We had a great time. My cousin got me meal worms and they were gross. I almost threw up. Now at home, my mom said she would throw the worms away, but no, she didn’t. So now I think that she will crunch some in my food or something, but I don’t think she will. Right?

On the last night I went to bed at 9:30 pm there time which is 8:30 pm our time, which is really early for me so it was really hard for me too fall asleep. I had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning and I still wasn’t used to the time so it was 4:30 in the morning in woodland hills.

During the car home, it got really dark and it was freezing. It was like 42 degrees which if you ask me is really cold.

We got home around midnight and it was also freezing in wood land hills.

Overall it was a really fun trip and it was great seeing family I haven’t seen in a while!

Hopefully I go back very soon!