Professional Soccer Game

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I’m gonna tell you about a time that I went to a professional soccer game. It was really cool and fun to watch. The cool thing was that it was a final. Not really a final but who ever won out of these two teams got to play in the world cup. It was Mexico vs United States. I as going for Mexico because I’m Mexican. Well anyways, it was first half and both teams had scored already. So it was half time both teams tied. The players had their breaks and they had to come back to the field.

Second-half started. Nothing really happened. Nobody scored. Both teams getting really close, both goal-keepers making great saves. The game was really intense and somebody had to score. When there’ a final soccer game if both teams stayed tied then they go to extra time. In professional soccer games each half time is 5 minutes. Once I played a soccer game and it was the finals. Our game was so intense even the team that was gonna play after us stopped practicing. But since we’re kids we only got 10 minutes for extra time. We tied 4-4 I scored a free-kick.

I made our game 1-0 until the other team score and then we went to half time. Second half they scored and then we scored and then they scored again and then we scored. So the game was 3-3 and the game almost finished. Until it was a corner kick and I centered it ad then my friend scored a header. But then last minute their kid shoots and scores. And then the referee blew the whistle. We played the extra time but nobody scored. So we knew what was next. PENALTIES!!!!! Penalties are a 50-50 chance of scoring. It’s either you score or miss.

So back to the game. Mexico and USA were tied and the game was in last minutes, it was like in the 90th minute and it was 3-3. I had hope that they were gonna win. So the game kept on playing until it hit over extra time. They gave 3 minutes of extra time. That’s enough to time to score a goal, well for some teams. If you play against a easy team then your probably gonna score in 3 minutes. One time my team scored 2 goals in 4 minutes. We played a team that was really bad. We beat them 4-0 they weren’t good.

The game was the most intense game I’ve ever seen. So the people were playing and there was 3 minutes left and it was 2-2 and they were gonna go to extra time. I knew that Mexico was gonna win in penalties because Mexico has some really good players that are good at shooting penalties. One time Mexico had a whole day of practice just shooting penalties. The only reason why Mexico had to do that was because one time they played a soccer game and they lost. I don’t know what team it was against but I know they lost that game.

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