Apples can be an everyday snack to work, school, and other public places. Personally, apples is one of my favorite fruits because they are juicy and tasty. You  will be surprised to know that are approximately 3000 different types of apples in the United Kingdom itself. Apples are produced by apple trees which originated in Central Asia. These apple trees are now planted worldwide. The apple tree was probably the earliest tree to be planted or cultivated. Currently, one of the most common type of apple are the Bramley seedling which are grown in England. If you want to grow an apple tree you should consider the following. Apple trees turn out to be large if they are growing from seed, but they may turned out to be smaller if they are grafted into roots. There are at least more than 7,500 apples with different purposes. Apples can be used in many different ways. Some are used for cooking, eating, and to make cider. There are more ways to use apples, but these are the most common ones. According to it says, “Worldwide production of apples in 2013 was 90.8 million tonnes. China grew 49% of the total”. Here are some examples of different apples, Fuji apple, Gala, Golden Delicious (green delicious apple), Granny Smith, Jonagold, McIntosh, Pink Lady, Red Delicious, Winesap, and Cox’s Orange Pippin.

Believe it or not, there has been arguments and disagreements whether apples are good or bad for your health. One of the many reasons why apples seem to be good for you is because studies have shown that they can actually lower blood cholesterol in your body. Apples contain a certain fiber called pectin that helps keep blood cholesterol low. Other components found in apples help with low density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol). Preventing the chances of having a stroke, cancer, or lung cancer are other things that apples can help you with. According to it says, “This fruit helps fight counter the deadly effects of cancer because of its high levels of antioxidants. By eating apples people can gain high levels of flavonoids. These agents are very important in preventing diseases of the prostate. Studies have showed that this particular agent acts as a very good protection against some kinds of lung cancer”.

In the other side of the argument, people believe that apples may not be as healthy as everybody else thinks. One of the many reasons why people think that apples can be bad for you is that today’s apples have a high sugar content that they could be harmful to your teeth. What I mean by “today’s apples” is that due to new production techniques and a society in love for sweet tasting foods, apples have become different as in more sweet. Overall I believe that apples are good for you rather than bad for you.

Do you know what type of apple is the best for you? According to many researches it turns out that the Granny Smith apple is the best for you. Apples are very tasty and healthy for your body. You should absolutely try to consume one a day.