Why school is so important

Why its so important to go to school and get education. When you start to get education you start to learn new things and those thing you need for the future for example math is really important you have to know if its a good job to calculate all the money you get. In school English is also very important for the future.  This is why English and math are important. English you need to know your grammar because there a lot of writing and speaking. Math is also very important so you can calculate your bills the amount your getting.

The most important years are Elementary school, middle school, and high school. Elementary school is important because you learn to multiply, to count, to write, to solve equations, and write essays so if you do bad in elementary it all stays and moves to middle school because middle schools checks your grade so if you do bad they put you in lower classes and if you do good you have a better chance of doing good in middle school and if you do bad you have a less chance of doing good in middle school. So in middle school you learn much more harder things so its gonna be more difficult for you.

If you don’t do good in middle school it stays on your contract so if you are going to get a job the first thing they are going to do is going to check your grades from school. If there good you a high chance of being successful in your job but if you have a bad grade there going to tell you this isn’t the right job for you.

High School is the important out of middle school and elementary school. High school is the most important because that’s when you learn really difficult things and its way harder than Elementary School. You get of a lot of homework so you have to complete your homework lesson because this can all add up to a really good college. If you do everything that is asked and get an A in every single class you can probably get a scholarship for a really smart school. For instance the college Harvard. If you do really poorly you might be homeless or work at a really bad job which you get 2 dollars an hour. So High School basically depends what job you might get in the future.

If you are a really successful man in high school , college, and Elementary School you will be successful in life and your job. For example you have luxury cars and a big house. If you don’t do that good in Elementary School, High School, or College you will most likely wont have that much money or live on the streets. So that’s why it is important to do good in Elementary School, High School, and College so you can get a really good job and have a really successful life.