Pros and Cons of Hale Charter Academy

Hale is a great place, full of very funny, kind, and interesting students. Hale also has great teachers who make learning fun for many students. This makes hale a great place to be. So here is my pros and cons of Hale Charter Academy.


I came to Hale this year and quickly got used to the place and found many friends. I like how you are able to find friends fast due to the amount of students. I like this because if you meet someone and they are rude you can find a new one. It is so much better than only being able to communicate with about 300 people. Next, the teachers. My teachers are great I feel they make learning boring subjects fun. They change it up instead of the normal teaching style and have unique personalities. I think this is a great way to engage students in learning and giving them are fresh face instead of the stereotypical teacher. Sure they aren’t all angels but they are better than ones i’ve had before. Continued, the classrooms at hale are clean with all the materials needed for a functioning classroom. The teachers take good care of these classrooms and make new additions to them as well.


Hale isn’t the cleanest overall place. The classrooms are clean but the rest of it is not as clean. I feel a lot of this dirt and filth derives from the fact students eat wherever. Then they leave food and trash, which attracts bugs. This is one of my only complaints which is saying something. Next, the students. Now I know I said the students are funny, kind and interesting, which they are, I cannot say that for everybody. Many students at Hale are very rude and foul-mouthed. They are very standoffish and like to act older than they are. These students also bully other students for their clothes, looks, and/or wealth. This becomes a problem when trying to build a community, half of the students are destroying it. I do think this is a problem at most middle schools but it still is a con in my opinion. At Hale the teachers and administration enforce rules, which I like. But the students I’ve seen do not care at all about rules. I feel the rules should be enforced more so the rebels aren’t as bad as they are and aren’t as raunchy. The raunchy kids are very rude and won’t listen to anything. These kids wear short shorts and crop tops. I hate these types of people because of their horrible manners.


I like Hale, I’m glad to be here, but there is many things that I like and many I don’t but all I know is I’m happy to be here and wish I could stay for longer than middle school. But also am excited for the future and the future teachers I will have to compare to my teachers here at Hale Charter Academy for my middle school years.