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California wildfires are a very interesting topic that everyone has a different opinion on. Also, some people have been affected way more than other people have by these wildfires. I know there have been more Wildfires in California history but I am going to be mainly focusing on the recent Woosley fire. The Woosley fire has affected many people in California. So basically how I found out about the Woosley fire was on Friday, November ninth when I was on my way to school and my mom and I see that there is not much traffic. I was not really sure about what was going on because I live farther away from the fire and I was not really affected at my house ( I will get into that a little later though). Alright, so my mom and I were pretty curious about why there was not much traffic so we looked it up online and saw information about the fire. When we searched it up we saw information like how bad of quality the air was in,  and how fast the fire was traveling because of the windy forecast. So my mom was wondering if we had school or not. I was also curious because there was no one at El Camino ( later I found out that El Camino was closed for the day because of how close the fire was and because of poor air quality). So basically my mom was just telling me to call her if anything were to happen and then I just got off the car.

When I got to school there was not that many people here lots of people stayed at home from being affected or evacuated by the fire. Some people just simply stayed home cause they simply knew that lots of people were not going to be going to school. So my day didn’t start off too bad in the morning I did my normal things like go to my locker and go to my friend’s locker and then go get the breakfast in the classroom cart with my the other Breakfast in the classroom helper. So when I started to notice like the weird part of the day was when someone announced that we were going to be staying in for nutrition and lunch. To be honest I was pretty upset at this point because  I didn’t really wanna spend my free time in a teachers classroom or the gym or MPR. I was also thinking to my self and also saying to all my friends that school should have been canceled. By the time we got to  fourth period I was just tired and I wanted to go home. Everyone was going home, there would be pe teachers calling names out for people to go home every single second. So what I did was I called my dad to ask if he could come to pick me up and he said that it was fine. When my dad came to pick me up there was a shelter in place drill which means that you stay wherever you are till further notice. I’m pretty sure that everyone stayed in period 4 till the end of school. Overall though I’m very thankful that my home did not get affected in the wildfire and too everyone whos houses got burned or damaged in the fire my condolences go out to you and your family. Stay Safe everyone.


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